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All Christmas Decoration Storage Containers

Christmas decoration storage containers have a variety of shapes and styles. Here you can find tips on how to organize Christmas decorations & tips on storing Christmas decorations including wreaths, holiday lights, ornament containers, red plastic storage container tubs, and other holiday storage containers. Regardless of your style of Christmas decorations, storage containers for home are a good way to protect the investment you've made. Organize Christmas decorations with the right Christmas decoration storage containers. Find more holiday storage with orange storage containers, bins & totes & purple storage bins.

    Storing Christmas Decorations with the Right Christmas Decoration Storage Containers

    Wreaths. Wreaths need protection from year to year. Protect your investment in your wreaths by storing them in a Christmas decoration storage box made to store wreaths. Keep your wreath from being crushed and keep it from getting ruined by pests. Keep dust and moisture off of it so it last year to year.

    Trees. Artificial Christmas trees need to be protected from pests and dust. Store trees in a Christmas decoration storage box designed to hold the tree. Make sure to measure your tree to determine which box or Christmas tree bag would work best. Store your tree in the same spot as your wreaths and other Christmas decoration storage containers. The Christmas tree is often the central focus for your holiday decorating. Preserve the tree with the right decoration storage.

    Lights. Lights especially need to be protected from crushing to prevent the bulbs from breaking. When it comes to storing Christmas decorations, take particular care with the Christmas lights. Store them in a decoration storage box designed to protect lights. Some Christmas decoration storage containers made for lights provide a reel in which the light strands wrap around, keeping the strands from becoming hopelessly tangled. Make Christmas takedown a pre-Christmas set up - making next year easier.

    Ornaments. Ornaments are memories for many. Storing Christmas decorations like ornaments is a delicate matter. Use specially designed decoration storage containers made for ornament storage. Make sure the Christmas decorations storage boxes that hold the ornaments are stackable and fit in your storage space. Always store these decoration storage containers with the tree. Ornaments that break during storage - that does not have to happen. It can be prevented with the right Christmas decoration storage containers.

    How to Organize Christmas Decorations

    Organize your Christmas decorations by storing Christmas decorations near each other but in separate containers specific to the Christmas decorations being stored. What Christmas decoration storage containers do you need? One or more for the following:

    Wreaths. Take down the wreaths and store them in a decoration storage box specific for wreath storage. Make sure the decoration storage container or containers are clearly storing wreaths - either because they can be seen through the container or because it is clearly labeled. If you have more than one wreath, mark clearly the location you normally keep the wreath. If you decorate by room, mark any of the items by the room it is usually set up in.

    Lights. Outside lights, inside lights, and Christmas tree lights all need to be taken down. Place all the ligths in Christmas decorations storage boxes specific for storing lights. Put tree lights in one container and other inside lights in other containers. Outside lights should also be separated from the rest. Clearly mark the outside of all the Christmas decor storage with the location of where the ligths are normally hung. You will appreciate this next holiday season when you are looking for just the outdoor lights or just the tree lights. Store the tree lights near the tree and ornaments. Store the outdoor lights with the other outdoor holiday decorations. Make sure the strands are not tangled by carefully wound around a reel.

    Ornaments. Always store ornaments in Christmas decoration storage containers made for the storage of ornaments. It just makes sense to store them in a manner that is going to prevent many of these fragile and treasured items in a container that is going to protect them from breaking. Group the ornaments if desired by tree (if you have more than one tree) or by style (if you like to alternate styles different years) and always store the ornaments near the stored tree. Clearly label the ornament storage boxes with either the tree or the style of ornaments contained. It makes next season's set up all that much easier.

    Trees. Artificial trees may last longer than the real deal, but that by no means makes them impervious to damage that can occur during storage. Limbs can become crushed or bent. Dust and pests can invade the branches making it less attractive. With some trees, it is easier to store it in a way which makes the set up of the tree easier. Clearly label and mark parts if you need to reassemble and you are not sure it will be clear how it is re-assembled. Store in a bag or box that is easy to transport if the tree is particularly large and bulky to move. If the tree is the first thing up, take care to store it towards the front of your storage area so it is easier to access for the following season. This is especially important if you set up Christmas decorations in stages.

    Christmas Decorations Storage for Small Spaces

    Christmas decorations storage for small spaces is the same for any space. However, take advantage of storing Christmas storage items under beds, or hanging from closets, or in attics and basements. The idea is to save space by storing the Christmas decoration storage containers vertically or in spaces that are not being used. The best way to do this is by placing the decorations in storage containers specificly made to store them. Wreaths go in wreath containers, ornaments in ornament storage boxes, trees in Christmas tree boxes or Christmas tree bags, and lights should be in Christmas lights storage containers.


    Results 36-36 of 3612