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Kitchen Tables

Make the most of your kitchen space by expanding your functional areas beyond your cupboards, counter tops and appliances with custom kitchen furniture. With a wide variety of shapes and sizes our furniture pieces can add storage, function and style to currently unused spaces in your kitchen or pantry.

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      It doesn’t take long to fill a kitchen. Do you remember what your kitchen looked like on the day you moved in? When all the cabinets were empty and the pantry was bare. You figured you had plenty of room for everything you had. Maybe you did at first. But after awhile you get a few more kitchen tools to help in your food preparation, a newer set of pots and pans, perhaps, that new wok you always dreamed about and then you inherit your mother’s old set of dishes, because she decided to update. You wanted all of this. When you first set up your own kitchen, you had no food, no spices, collection of pots and pans. That pantry looked mighty bare. Now, that you have lived there long enough and cooked many meals in this kitchen, you have a wider repertoire of meals that you love to prepare for friends and family. So, you keep a lot of essentials on hand, especially a large selection of spices. Unfortunately, because it is difficult to see all the spices in your pantry, you sometimes forget what you have and end up buying duplicates.

      Before long, everyone has to take control of their kitchen. You don’t have to get rid of the tools, gadgets, pots, and dishes you love. You don’t have to dump out the food in the pantry to clear it out. You just have to organize everything. Creating a harmonious kitchen environment requires storage solutions to fit your needs, big or small. This is where we can come in and help you. At SpaceSavers, we have furniture and accessories that will provide storage, organize your kitchen with big items or even with the smallest of details, and in the process reign in the kitchen chaos, leaving an easy work place to prepare your meals.

      If you aren’t sure where to start, why not start with the small things. Get better organized by utilizing our hooks for potholders and towels. Hang up your broom and mop. Keep your grocery list handy on the refrigerator using a clip magnet right next to the magnetic coupon organizer. Keep the mail and keys off the kitchen counter with a letter holder and key rack. Now your kitchen counter is not just a haven from paper clutter, but it will be readily available to use when you need to chop some carrots for chicken noodle soup.

      If your cabinets or pantry need some sprucing and organizing, we offer shelf liners, shelving and shelf organizers that will fit your individual needs. If you have wire shelving in your pantry, we have a solid shelf liner that will keep any small items from slipping through. Our shelving creates more space in a tall cabinet. We have hooks to hang from the bottom of a shelf for your coffee mugs, creating more space under them for additional storage. Do you have really deep cabinets that you find it difficult to reach all the way to the back for the pot you need? We have just what you need with shelving that rolls out of the cabinet. That big pot is within reach now.

      Do you need some way of storing large water bottles for your home or office? We have racks specifically designed for just this need. You can choose the one that works best for you. Or maybe you need some way of storing your bottles of wine. SpaceSavers has an assortment of wine racks to choose from.

      You don’t necessarily need a bigger kitchen. You don’t have to pick and choose among your favorite tools or items to keep in your kitchen. Sometimes, you just need a better way of storing and organizing your kitchen to create more space for you to work in it.