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Garage Storage

Get the garage organizers that will free up your garage space and make your car feel like it belongs again. SpaceSavers has a wide variety of garage organization products, including garage storage systems, shelving systems, cabinets, bins, totes, drawers, slat wall, and more. You'll even find tool and sports equipment storage solutions.

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      It happens to all of us. We have been there. It seems to sneak up on you. It must happen slowly. Just a few items tossed randomly here and a few more there. Your spouse chucks a few things in there. Your kids leave behind all their summer equipment and gear there. It started roomy. We know. It seemed cavernous as if you could never possibly fill all this space up, right? Well…we really do understand. Eventually, it happens to everyone. There is just no more room in your garage to park your car or if you can, you open the door and trip over the rake and land on the pile of last summer’s life vests from that vacation by the lake. We are here to tell you that you don’t have to panic or fret, because help is on its way! SpaceSavers has a wide variety of solutions to organize the space in your garage so not only can you park your car in there again, but you can comfortably work on some project out there as well.

      We start this organizational workout by installing garage shelving and utility cabinets. Everybody’s garage becomes a magnet for items that people only use once or twice a year and the majority of those items can be stored in totes or bins on racks or on these shelving units and in the utility cabinets. The plastic bins and totes will keep them safe from any pests that may find their way into your garage as well as protect them from any weather that may also find a way into your garage. When it comes time to retrieve your tote of Christmas decorations, you can easily pull the tote down and carry it to the front yard to hang the lights and put up the reindeer.

      It is not only the big items we like to store in our garage. We store the small items too. We have battery storage racks to keep all those batteries in one location and sorted according to type of battery. This makes it easier to locate the right type of battery you need. No more digging through a box of batteries or hoping to find the right size in the back of your junk drawer. At SpaceSavers, we have slatwall systems, storage hooks and racks, tool racks and organizers, mop and broom storage, and even carts and dollies. If you need a leg up to reach those bins stored up high, we carry step stools. If you want to keep those cords on the electric hedge trimmer in place, we have cord wraps.

      You love it that your kids like to get out and move around, playing soccer, football, basketball, or tennis. However, when they are done they just toss their equipment willy-nilly in the garage. Once again, SpaceSavers has the organizational tools to help keep them up and off the garage floor, so, you don’t have to kick the hockey stick out of your way when you step out of your car. We have sports equipment organizers that roll and have separate compartments to store balls, bats, and any other gear you have. We also have a wire storage barrel perfect to store all those balls your preschool and elementary kids have accumulated. We have a fishing rod holder, a ski rack, a wall mounted holder for the extreme sports lovers in your household – keep those snowboards, skateboards, and wakeboards up off the floor- and we have bike racks to choose from as well.

      So, live your active lifestyle and when you come home we will have the right storage system for you to keep your sports equipment up out of the way to better protect the gear and to give you more floor space in your garage for your car. We have it taken care of for you.