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IRIS LEGO Project Case Chest

An Iris Lego project case chest is a must-have if you want to be able to keep track of all of those tiny, but important little Lego pieces. There are different types of Iris Lego storage to match all of the many different types of Lego pieces. There are larger containers that can hold pieces for individual Lego projects. This type of Iris Lego storage keeps all of those small pieces together and is durable enough for travel. There are also smaller Iris Lego project case chests that can hold those tiny figurines or they can even function as a pencil case. Iris Lego storage is available in styles and colors for both boys and girls. A Lego workstation is perfect for storing Legos in bedrooms or in playrooms. This workstation can be purchased with three or six removable drawers that are great for storing separate projects. You can purchase drawers sorting units on the inside.
These units can be stacked within the drawer to utilize space and they also keep the numerous types and colors of Legos separate. There is an area for a base plate on very top of the workstation to hold and display your child’s latest project. For larger collections of Legos, there are Lego storage containers that can hold up to five gallons of Legos! These containers are great because they have wheels and a handle for easy transportation. Another convenient feature of this type of an Iris Lego project case chest is that it has the ability to be stacked; there are grooves in the lid that match the bottom of other Lego storage containers. These containers come in a variety of colors and they all display the fun expression of different Lego men. Iris Lego storage makes clean up, organization, and storage easy. You never have to worry about stepping on a Lego or vacuuming one up with the help of an Iris Lego project case chest.