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Ice Cube Trays & Bins

Kitchen storage is not just about the cabinet with all of the plastic storage containers. Kitchen storage & organization requires having the right ice cube bin, ice cub trays, and possibly the right ice serving ware. Find the right ice cube tray & ice cube storage bin for your freezer. With ice trays made by Rubbermaid and an ice cube container from Sterilite, you can find the brands you trust. Find more kitchen storage with Fridge Binz! collection & stackable storage.
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      Party Planning 101: Ice Trays & the Ice Cube Container
      Before the next heat wave and certainly before you host your next summer gathering, stock up on the essentials to insure you have another great gathering. Keep plenty of plastic ice cube trays and ice cube containers on hand. Store them in your freezer attached to your refrigerator or store the extra party ice in your deep freezer in the basement. Plan ahead by filling all of those extra ice cube trays several days ahead of the planned party. As they freeze, fill not just your one white ice cube bin in the refrigerator, but fill multiple ones to store in your extra freezer. Silicone ice tray, plastic ice cube tray - fill them all. Looking for a durable ice cube bin? The Sterilite 7250 ice cube bin is the standard and durable classic. You are not going to go wrong if you target this classic with your hosting arrow. Plastics ice cube bin or silicone, find the space saving and host saving ice cube tray and ice cube bin perfect for your next gathering.

      What Else Can You Use Those Plastic Ice Cube Trays For?
      We have some fun ways to organize your home or find another use for ice cube trays. Here they are!
      1. Popsicle ice cube tray. Fill up your ice trays with real fruit juice and freeze to make fun popsicles. Cover the plastic ice cube tray with plastic wrap and insert a popsicle stick through the plastic into the juice. Freeze and enjoy some healthy and yummy fruit popsicles a few hours later.
      2. Frozen yogurt delights with ice cube trays. Make or buy your favorite frozen yogurt. Fill the ice cube trays with some fresh berries and cover with yogurt. Freeze and enjoy a healthy yogurt snack.
      3. Colored cube coolers with ice trays. Fill up your ice trays with water and add a dash of food coloring. Or fill with your favorite lemonade or limeade. Use your lemonade ice cubes in a clear pitcher of lemonade for a tasty and pretty presentation. Use the dye colored cubes in a clear pitcher filled with water for a colorful icy surprise.
      4. Store your own homemade baby food in the freezer in the perfect serving sizes. Make sure to carefully seal the ice cube trays to keep anything from falling in the ice cube tray. Pop them out when frozen and transfer to a freezer safe container for longer storage. The next time you want to feed your baby applesauce, use your own. Make sure to test the temperature of the food before feeding to your baby after you reheat the cubed food back to an unfrozen state.
      5. Organize your batteries in ice cube trays according to size. Do the same with any small office supplies, such as paperclips, small erasers, and sticky pins.
      6. The ice cube bin is not just for the freezer. Use it as a refrigerator bin to keep like food items together. Use the ice cube storage bin in the freezer to keep all of those frozen ice cream sandwiches in one easy spot.