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Magnetic Storage

Magnetic storage options let you extend your storage space - use your refrigerator, dishwasher and other metallic surfaces for easy to find magnetic storage solutions like magnetic baskets for coupons and accessories, magnetic spice racks so your most used spices are easy to grab, or a magnetic paper towel holder for quick clean-ups.
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      How do you clean out and clear out cabinets and countertops in order to create more space? When your cabinets overflow and you have to spend five minutes looking for the cayenne pepper, it is time to organize your cabinets. If you feel you don’t have enough countertop space, there are a few ways to create more space, giving you access to more food preparation space. In order to make room for this space, you need to get some things off of your countertop. Some of those items are things you want to keep on hand and nearby somewhere and some of those things might be best kept somewhere else. Clearing out the clutter and organizing your cabinets and countertops can make for a better working kitchen.

      One way to clear out a cabinet and allow for better organization is to take advantage of magnetic storage. If you have the wall space, you can have more storage options. By storing all of your most used spices in a magnetic spice rack, you easily have access to them when cooking and preparing food – after all, the spice are right there in the open, easy to find. The shelf itself that you hang on the wall is magnetic, so you don’t have to have a metal wall or hang them on your refrigerator. You just have to have the wall space to hang the shelves. In addition, you have just opened up a cabinet to have more space. You can better organize what is left in your cabinet now, facilitating a much easier to find what you are looking for space inside the cabinet. Often, magnetic spice racks come in six to twelve canister sets. If you need more than six to twelve canisters, simply get another rack or two. Keeping the racks near your food preparation area is a smart way to store your spices. If you don’t want to hang your spices on the wall and have plenty of countertop space, there are magnetic spice racks that store your spices vertically on a magnetic stand that can be stored on your countertop.

      If you want to clear off your countertop, definitely use the magnetic wall storage spice rack. Your paper towels can be stored off the countertop as well. Magnetic paper towel holders keep them up and off the countertop space you do have. This is ideal if you have only limited countertop space as it is and would rather save that precious countertop space for food preparation. The paper towels can still be kept close at hand. Hang it on the side of the refrigerator and let it roll when you need a paper towel.

      Keep the paperwork clutter off of your countertops as well with magnetic storage baskets and magnetic letter holders. The kitchen can be the grand central station of any home, so it is no surprise when mail, papers and other documents are trailing across the surface of the countertop. This can be a real space vacuum, however. Don’t let your countertops become the Bermuda triangle of your kitchen. Another good reason for magnetic storage of documents you need to keep on hand and organized in the kitchen is so you don’t lose the paperwork, the document, the letter or the school lunch menu. Keep track of it all. Don’t leave a paper trail strewn across your countertop any longer. Store it up and off the countertop, leaving the countertop for what is designed for – food preparation and eating.

      Staying organized and creating more space can be accomplished. Creating more space in your cabinets and clearing off your countertops can make your kitchen a better functioning kitchen – one in which food preparation is easy to get done.