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3 Section Laundry Sorter

A three compartment laundry hamper takes care of sorting. A 3 compartment laundry hamper doesn't have to hide behind doors. Pick the 3 compartment laundry hamper that fits your style and use it in visible spaces too. A great 3 compartment hamper will be a functional addition to your home. Make the most of your available space with a three compartment hamper. Adding a 3 compartment laundry basket to your home is going to make laundry day easier. A three compartment laundry hamper can be used in multiple locations in the house. Once you've organized with a 3 compartment laundry hamper in your home, you may be amazed at the impact it has. The addition of a 3 compartment hamper to your laundry system can make a big difference. Questions about the three compartment hamper we offer? Call us at 800-880-6264. Find more laundry storage with extra large laundry bags & commercial laundry bags.