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Accordion Drying Rack

An accordion drying rack is a great greener way to drying laundry. Many laundry items require being air dried. An accordion clothes dryer gets that done. Easy to set up, the accordion clothes drying rack will improve your efficiency. If your space has room for multiple accordion drying racks does it make sense to buy now to prepare your space? An accordion clothes rack neats folds away when not in use. Don't limit yourself to traditional uses of an accordion drying rack. Dry tea towels or your child's swim clothes. Make an impact by using less energy with an accordion clothes dryer. Adding an accordion clothes drying rack to your laundry routine can make a big difference. Order online or call Customer Service with your accordion drying racks order at 800-880-6264. Find a collapsible drying rack or a folding drying rack. An accordion drying rack is the greener way to dry laundry.