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Bra Wash Bag

Bra wash bag storage can protect your delicates as they tumble through the washer or the dryer. A bra laundry bag easily fits into your closet or in your laundry storage area. A bra washing bag can be used for lingerie or even for sweaters. Prevent straps from getting tangled by using a bra bag. Laundry should be easy. Bra bags for laundry use are just that - easy. A bra wash bag does not have to be expensive. However, a bra laundry bag can save you money by protecting your delicates. A bra washing bag is a necessity when it comes to laundry. Customer Service is here to help if you have bra bag laundry questions - call 800-880-6264. Find more laundry storage with a dirty clothes hamper & hampers for children.