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Holiday Ornament Storage - 45 Ornament Capacity




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Ready to get all those holiday ornaments under control and streamline your holiday decorating? Accumulated ornament boxes can take up a lot of space, and they're usually lightweight paperboard that crushes easily so the ornaments inside can get broken or damaged. This 60 count ornament storage box from IRIS USA is a half hour organizing solution that will consolidate space in your storage area and protect your ornaments over time. With 60 divided storage compartments you can feel safe storing metal, glass, feathered, and even crystal ornaments all in the same box without fear of delicate surfaces getting chipped or scratched. The buckle-top lid ensures your precious holiday ornaments won't spill out if the box is tipped over.


45 individual ornament storage compartments
3 levels of ornament storage
Each compartment accomodates 3.5" ornaments
Sturdy heavyweight plastic construction
Cardboard interior dividers
Clear view sides for easy identification
Red buckle on lid with white latches


16.6" W x 22.5" L x 13.1" H

Shipping Information

This seasonal item should be availabe in October 2011

Holiday Ornament Storage - 45 Ornament Capacity