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Christmas Tree Storage

A Christmas tree storage container protects your tree from year to year. Preserve memories with Christmas tree storage containers that can take a beating so your tree doesn't. Make sure to measure so you can find the right Christmas tree storage container. Plastic Christmas tree storage containers keep dust & pests off of your Christmas tree. A Christmas tree storage container is easier to store than just the disassembled parts of a Christmas tree. Stack other holiday storage items like a Christmas light organizer & a card organizer on top of the Christmas tree storage container.


Christmas Tree Storage

It’s that time of year again - the time of year when even the most dedicated Christmas fan finally has to give it up and put all the holiday decorations away. For all of you procrastinators out there, eventually you have to take on the task of putting away all of the holiday lights. Crossing your fingers and hoping that the lights don’t break while in storage is not the best way to make sure you maintain your holiday cheer next season. The better way of protecting your holiday lights is to store them in a container designed specifically to protect the lights from breaking.

Storage for Christmas Tree Lights

There are a couple of different kinds of holiday light storage boxes for those long overdue Christmas lights hanging on your front porch. In one of the Christmas light storage boxes, the lights can be wrapped around rods, which prevent the lights from being vulnerable to breakage. In another holiday light storage box, the lights are wound around a cardboard form, of which there are several, inside a plastic box. The boxes themselves are stackable, so while you are taking down the outdoor Christmas lights to store them, you can store the Christmas tree lights and all the other lights you have.

Xmas Tree Storage Done - Now What?

After you have how you are going to store your lights figured out, you can try out the many different uses for strung lights. Draping your Christmas tree with lights is the top choice for Christmas lights and there are a few different aesthetically appealing approaches to getting just the right Christmas tree look. White lights are the elegant choice for decorating the tree. This works well if your tree has a lot of other things going on. The white lights keep the tree lit up and elegant looking without making it look too busy. White lights are the go to lights for any color scheme as well. Some people prefer to decorate their tree with one or two colors, creating a very bold but stunning tree. For example, if you make sure all of your ornaments are red and white – no other colors – it can be a stunning look. Keeping the color scheme in mind, choose white or just a strand of red lights for your tree. Or use a monochromatic color scheme of blue, for example, for all of the ornaments, but use a multi-colored strand of lights with it. It creates a very beautiful look.

Hang outdoor Christmas lights along your roofline, if you have a safe way of doing so. Some companies offer now to hang your Christmas lights for you. Another great way to take advantage of Christmas lights is along banisters, rails, inside or outside. Hang lights on trees and bushes outside. Wrap an outdoor reindeer or sleigh in lights. Outline windows and frame out doorways with lights. The point is to do what is appealing to you, but without going overboard.

Lights aren’t just for Christmas anymore. Halloween lights, like orange and purple, are very popular and can be used in many of the same ways as Christmas lights. String red lights around a wreath for Valentine’s Day. Use multi-colored lights at Easter. It doesn’t even have to be a holiday to enjoy the beauty of strung lights. Hang lights around an outdoor patio or deck for subtle lighting at night. Use them along pathways. Use them indoors for a fun way to light a room. Simply take a strand and hang them along where the walls and ceiling meet. When used with an outdoor wedding or party tent, icicle lights can be a dramatic way to light up a party.

Take care to protect your strung lights, so you can use them again.