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Pots, Pans & Cooking Utensils

From kitchen scales and zest graters to measuring spoons, oven mitts and children's cooking utensils, shop our selection of innovative cooking tools and storage solutions that you need to make your kitchen complete.


    SpaceSavers has fun kitchen tools for you. You are going to love what we have to offer you. We have your pot and pan storage solution with our hanging pot and pan racks. If the pots and pans are up and out of your cabinets, imagine the room you would save in your cabinets. We don’t just have one rack to choose from either. We will have something that fits the décor of your kitchen. These hanging pot and pan racks are not only functional but absolutely stylish, lending a certain POP to any kitchen décor. Bon appetite!

    We also have all the small kitchen tools that you love to use. We have kitchen scoops, measuring cups, and scales so you will never be off on another baking project again. Did you know that it is better to weigh your flour when baking than to measure it in a cup? Sometimes, a recipe calls for measurements by weight and having a nice scale can really be a useful tool in the kitchen. The scoops are perfect for scooping the flour or sugar out of canisters or storage bins. They also work well for dried cereals, dried fruits, and nuts. If you do a lot of baking, you will find that scoops that we offer speed up prep time.

    Who doesn’t need a spoon rest on their stove? Think of how many times you have dried on tomato sauce stuck to the top of your stove because you don’t use a spoon rest. It is cleaner and more hygienic to use the spoon rest. Just clean the spoon rest after every use, along with whatever spoon you were using to cook with. You know you have been meaning to get one, you just keep forgetting to go look for one. Well, the wait is over. Just get one now. You’ll love it.

    The smallest tools can make your life so much easier. We have can strainers so you can drain off that liquid from your canned goods more easily. Another handy gadget is the bottletop baster - the next time you want to have a barbecue, just put this right on top of your barbecue sauce and you are good to go. We have cutting boards, pop up steamers, spatulas, oven mitts, thermometers, and peelers.

    Do you love to garden, but sometimes get frustrated with how long it takes you to wash and dry all the cut lettuce you bring in the kitchen? Or maybe you have been having a bumper crop of basil or spinach this year and washing each leaf is taking you forever. Then, there is the dry time. You have to spread all those leaves out on paper towels or kitchen towels and wait for the excess water to drip off. If you are in a hurry to make that fresh cut lettuce and spinach into your dinner’s salad, this can be annoying. But the alternative of putting the lettuce and spinach, still too wet, into the salad bowl makes your salad seem more like dressing soup. Not good. The basil that you were hoping to quickly pulse up along with some olive oil, garlic, and parmesan cheese for a quick pesto for dinner’s pasta tonight is way too wet to just throw into the food processor. This defeats the whole purpose of your easy, and normally, quick put together dinner. Why bother? It almost makes you not want to grow the basil, lettuce, or spinach next summer. Wait. Think about that. You love having these fresh greens available and love to eat them, so don’t let the hassle of cleaning them get in your way. Try using a salad spinner. Put your greens in, run the water, and then, give it a spin. You have clean and dry greens for your dinner.

    Take the frustration out of dinner by equipping your kitchen with just the right tool for the job at hand.