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Desks & Workstations

    Creating a place in your home where you can sit down and take care of those little tasks that need to be done on the computer can be difficult if you are short on space. Some of you may not have a room dedicated to only being an office, so wherever you are going to set up an office space, needs to have a few different kinds of components to it. It can’t take up a lot of existing space in a room that primarily is for some other purpose. You will want the desk or workstation to either be hidden or blend well with the existing overall look of the room. Another good question to ask yourself is how much, if any, storage space do you want from your desk.

    If you are looking for the ultimate in space saving workstations, forget the traditional desk. Find a perfect home for your laptop while taking up minimal space. A leaning desk with shelves by Winsome Wood is the minimalist desk for you. This is absolutely perfect for small homes, small apartments, or studio apartments, college dorms, or a small room where you need a place to pull up a chair and work on your laptop. Lean this desk with two shelves against any wall in your home. Tuck it into a closet and you don’t even have to have it take up any space in your room at all. Simply pull up a chair and unfold the desktop when you want to get some work done. Situate it under a staircase and you have a new workstation. Use it in the kitchen for quick online bill paying. Try it out in any room in your home. Easy to move around, space saving, and modern in design, this desk can get the job done.

    If you have a little bit more room and would rather have a desk that looks great in traditional or contemporary spaces, consider another Winsome Wood computer desk with a pull out keyboard shelf. This desk still won’t be taking up much space in any room that you put it in and it will look great, adding to the overall décor of your room, not detracting from it. If you need storage for your pens, paper, and other small office supplies, Winsome Wood has the desk for you as well. With the same appeal as the computer desk with a pull out keyboard shelf, except this desk has a drawer to store all those small office supplies out of sight. Perfect as a writing desk or as a home for your laptop, this desk will give you the function of a desk with the style you love.

    Who is the desk for? Are you looking for a desk for a child, a teen, or for a college student? Do you want something that is easy to assemble, requiring no tools, and can also easily be disassembled for a move later down the road? Legare has desks with shelves, carts, and hutches that are just as easy to put together as they are to take apart. This innovative and vibrantly colored desk will appeal to the young at heart in anyone. If you know you will be moving, then, this is the desk for you. It is easy to move, because you can quickly take it apart and stack the pieces for easy moving. It also is just as easy to get it up and in use after you move. With a lot of color options to choose from, it can be a fun and functional partner in study and homework time.

    Evaluate your space. How much storage do you need? Who is the desk for? By taking all three of these into consideration, you will be quickly on your way into getting the right desk.