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Dining & Drinkware


    Everybody likes a good drink of water, juice, or other beverages to sip or celebrate and why not enjoy that drink from quality drinkware? Whether you are looking for yourself or for someone else as a gift, we think here at SpaceSavers that we have the right drinkware for your needs. Whether it is ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day in Georgia or the late evening after work martini in New York that you are after, we have the right drinkware for your home. Look no further for the perfect ice bucket and tongs, when you need to carry and contain ice on the go. You can easily play hostess or host while serving your guests on the deck at your backyard soiree or afternoon luncheon in your formal dining room. We think you will be very happy with our drinkware.

    When you are in the planning stages of a party, there are many big picture items on your agenda. Guest list, first and foremost, what kind of party you will be hosting – is it a special occasion or just a fun fiesta? Next you might consider when you will be having it and where. If you are having it in your home, it is easy to overlook the finer details that can make a party a breeze for a host or hostess, creating more strain, stress, and expense. We think, at SpaceSavers, that you should have fun at your party or event and sometimes even the most miniscule detail can help bring this about. How often have you had your party in full swing and you realize you have no more ice in your freezer, so you have to send someone out to buy a bag of ice. Ice. Something you can get, basically, for free from your kitchen sink, if you have enough storage containers to hold the ice until you need it.

    For your day to day use, you won’t need a freezer full of ice, but for a party on a hot summer day, every drink is going to need ice from the lemonade to the diet soda to the ice you crush in your blender for the margaritas you are making. A good solution is to prepare enough ice ahead of time so you will not need to be sending out for ice reinforcements or wishfully hoping you can refill and freeze those couple of ice cube trays that came with your refrigerator. Take our advice and buy several of our ice cube bins to have on hand for situations like these. Starting several days before your party, start filling up those bins with ice cubes. And keep filling them. Get as many ice cube bins as you can fit in your freezer and if you have an extra storage freezer, get enough ice cube bins to put in there too.

    Your guests won’t have to drink warm drinks and you can enjoy your party, without the extra expense of buying ice from the local convenience store down the road. Less stress. Easy on you. You can re-use those bins as often as your heart desires unlike a bag of store bought ice, which is here for a minute and then gone.

    We like something you can use and use again. Try out our different sizes and shapes in our drinkware for your everyday use and for that special occasion. Make the most of our ice bucket and tongs at your next gathering when you need to bring the ice to your guests. Save yourself some time, stress, and money by utilizing our convenient and re-usable ice cube bins at your next big soiree!