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Double Laundry Hamper

A double hamper gets your whites separated from your darker clothing. When picking out a double laundry hamper storage, consider where it will be used and if it will be seen and choose the style of a double laundry hamper appropriately. Making your space functional with a double hamper with lid means you'll be more efficient too. How many double hampers will make the best use of your storage space? Adding a 2 section laundry sorter makes sorting the laundry easier. A double hamper can be used in multiple locations in the house. The impact of sorting with a double laundry hamper can offer immediate relief in a cluttered space. One or more thanb one double hamper with lid can really make a difference. Customer Service is here to help if you have double hampers questions - call 800-880-6264. Find more laundry storage with a bra wash bag & laundry net bags.