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Glass Shelves

Longing to make your bathroom feel like a spa? A glass shelf is an inexpensive way to add a touch of elegance in any room. In the bathroom, mount a floating glass shelf to the wall next to your vanity to store cosmetics, perfumes, and other toiletry items which you want to display. A multitude of finishes are available to fit any decor - choose from chrome, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, antique brass, wood, and more! Glass shelves with a towel bar work great above the toilet or next to the sink, making a hand towel or washcloth easily accessible with a stylish place to hang dry. Maybe you need more storage space than a single glass shelf can offer? Tiered glass shelving units and glass bathroom spacesavers are an excellent choice for those of us with room to spare in the bathroom or bedroom. From a double shelf unit to a glass 5 shelf tower - you can't go wrong with one of these timeless, stylish glass storage systems.

Some of us may think that a glass shelf is only appropriate to install in a bathroom - and while seeing your toiletries displayed on a smooth reflective surface may class up your morning routine or make you feel like you are lounging at a day spa - the potential uses for glass shelves extend far beyond bathroom decor. Try mounting a floating glass shelf on the wall of your bedroom. Group three or four of them together to create a floating bookcase effect. Our Structure Wall Mounting Shelf by Organize it All is constructed with an attractive, solid wood frame which blends in nicely with most bedroom furniture. Complement your floating shelf design with a 3, 4, or 5 tier wood and glass bookcase - perfect for storing books, picture frames, collectibles and other trinkets you have lying around in the bedroom. Aside from wood, another popular finish on glass shelves for the bedroom is a chrome or satin nickel - which can easily adapt to fit any color of furniture, from black to espresso, or mahogany and walnut.

Have you ever thought about a glass shelving system for your kitchen, dining, or living room? Depending on your storage needs, we offer three shelf, four shelf, and five shelf towers with either a dark bronze finish, or a lighter chrome option. Consider a tiered shelf unit like this in the kitchen as a display area for kitchen towels, cookbooks, and a fruit bowl. In the dining room, house hour wine glasses, martini glasses, fine china, or a tea set. And in the living room, the possibilities are endless. Disguise the chaotic mess of video games, books, CDs, DVDs, remote controls and more with a classy glass shelf unit and some wicker shelf totes.

Of course, the bathroom is the obvious place for glass shelves galore. A glass shelf with towel rack attached is an extremely functional way to save space and add a touch of class near the sink. And for those of you who have room for a shelving system - a glass storage system next to the shower is sure to add elegance to your morning routine. Something about the look of fluffy, white towels stacked neatly onto a chrome and glass shelf tower makes you feel like you have stepped into the bathroom of a hotel suite! And we love displaying expensive perfumes and other seemingly unnecessary cosmetics on a single glass shelf mounted above the vanity. Add a lit, scented candle, draw yourself a bath, and you really might never want to leave your bathroom.

But, whether your intention is to design a bathroom which could be photographed for a magazine, or simply to give your precious collectibles or kitchen treasures a more elegant home - we are sure you will find a glass shelf which fits your needs at SpaceSavers.