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Golf & Tennis Storage

Do you value the moments when you can sneak away from it all and just work it all out on the golf course? It's you, the green underneath, your clubs, and this ball. A beautiful sky above beams blessings down on you and in that moment life feels perfect. Life is good. So, why is it when the 18 holes are complete, you're done having a drink at the clubhouse, you pull into your driveway and you toss your golf bag with your clubs into the corner of your garage before heading inside? Does that seem like the way you should treat your clubs considering how much you value your time on the course and your investment monetarily in those clubs? Take care of your clubs and you are taking care of your game.

How do you properly take care of and store your golf clubs? Protect your investment and help your game by maintaining your golf clubs properly. They will last longer and help your game. Poorly maintained clubs weaken your game. One of the first things to consider is where you keep your golf clubs when you are not using them. It may seem like a good idea to keep your clubs in your car, so when you can sneak away to hit a few, you have them with you, but extreme temperature changes can negatively impact your clubs. The next choice that most people opt for is storing your clubs in the garage, but that too can be an environment with too much cold or too much moisture. The best place to store your clubs is inside your home or office. Keep your clubs in a golf organizer rack inside of an indoor closet. By keeping your clubs inside, temperature fluctuations and humidity issues should be less of an issue.

Protect your woods and putter with covers. If your woods or putter get chipped or nicked, it can change the flight of your ball. If you are using wood clubs, keep them covered if it starts to rain on the course. Always dry your clubs if they get wet. Wipe down the shafts of your clubs after playing. Make sure to remove any dirt or moisture that can damage your clubs if left on them. Clean your irons as well, making sure they do not get clumps of dirt and grass stuck on their surface. This is why many people carry a towel with them while they play, so they can keep the irons clean. If your irons are dirty, soak your irons in warm soapy water and scrub them clean using a vegetable scrubber. Dry them thoroughly before you put them away. It is essential to not leave your irons wet. All of your equipment should be kept dry so they do not become damaged by the effects of moisture.

Keep an eye on your grips and be aware that it may be time to get them regripped if they begin to show signs of fading or if the grip seems loose. Keep your grips clean as well to help them last longer and in order to maintain your swing.

Properly taking care of your golf clubs while you are on the course and when you are not, help you keep your game as solid as it is. Damaged clubs damage your game. You've made an investment in your golf clubs and you value your time out on the course, so, protect your investment by properly taking care of your golf clubs. Keep them clean. Keep them dry. Keep them in a temperature and humidity controlled environment in a stabilizing golf rack organizer. Now, you've got game, when you want it.