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LEGO Drawers

Having a Lego workstation with Lego drawers gives children a place to both store and create Lego projects. There are Lego workstations available with three or six removable Lego storage drawers that also function as project cases. These cases can hold separate Lego projects and instruction manuals and can easily be removed and taken with children to Grandma’s house or to a friend’s house. The individual Lego drawers can also be used to separate the Legos of different children. On the top of these Lego workstations with Lego storage drawers is a 10”x 10” base plate for building projects and also displaying them. There are also workstations with three Lego drawers and with sorting units within the drawer. This Lego drawer storage unit helps keep their Legos separate by color or size. Two Lego drawer storage units can be stacked on top of one another inside the individual Lego storage drawers.
Another great feature of this type of Lego workstation with Lego storage drawers is that it has a gray face plate on the front of each drawer, allowing your child to label each Lego storage drawer however they see fit. These workstations with sorting Lego storage drawers are available in a color scheme for boys and another color scheme for girls. Workstations with Lego drawers are a great way to facilitate different projects for your children. You never have to worry about losing a piece or stepping on one around the house, and your kids will never have to worry about losing those important pieces when travelling between home and a friend’s house. Having a workstation with Lego drawers is a necessity for any Lego enthusiast.