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Laundry Net Bags

Laundry net bags take care of laundry while not taking up too much space. Pick net laundry bags to hold all of your laundry in your closet and pick smaller laundry net bags to protect your delicates in the washer or dryer. Laundry net bags are easy to tote from place to place. Using net laundry bags with other laundry tools make for an organized laundry room or closet. Always use laundry net bags for sweaters that snag easy. Net laundry bags should be used with clothing that has straps or ties that can tangle. Make sure your laundry gets cleaned or dries thoroughly with laundry net bags. Make a difference in your laundry space now with net laundry bags. Need help with choosing the right laundry net bags? Call our customer service center at 1-800-880-6264. Find more laundry storage with a wicker hamper & a wicker basket.