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Ninjago Case

For those “Masters of Spinjitzu” in your home, there are Ninjago cases that can hold all of your child’s project pieces and parts together. These Ninjago cases snap tight, guaranteeing to keep all of your children’s precious items together. This Ninjago case has a design molded into the cover, making it durable to withstand many years of wear and tear. Ninjago cases will also withstand travel between home, school, or a friend’s house. All of the pieces will be kept safe in a durable, snap-tight, sealed container. Another great feature of a Ninjago case it that they come with a 10”x 10” stud plate that serves as a project base. Projects can be proudly displayed for long amounts of time with the help of a stud plate foundation. There are also smaller Ninjago cases that serve many purposes, including a pencil case. These small Ninjago cases snap tight and are great for storing those tiny swords, masks, and other pieces.
Smaller Ninjago cases can be stored within the larger Ninjago cases. Your child will love to take these small Ninjago cases to school to show all of their friends. Ninjago cases are great for your child’s inner warrior. To keep all of your Ninjago Lego pieces separate from other Legos, Ninjago cases are the best solution. They give children a fun way to store and show off their Legos at home, school, or anywhere else they may go. Purchase a Ninjago case for each of your little warriors.