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Pencil Holders

Tired of losing pens and pencils on your office desktop? Check out our pencil holders, offered in a variety of materials including bamboo and mesh.


    At SpaceSavers, we have known a few people who, because they are always on the move with their work – instead of working at a desk- have to tuck their pencil behind their ears in order to not lose the pencil. We have known a few hard working souls, brilliant at what they do, who really do keep their pens and pencils tucked into their front pocket of a button down shirt. They always have a pen on hand when they need one. As much of a fashion accessory the number two pencil may be for some, we think that if you do most of your writing at a desk, there may be a better way of keeping track of that pencil. So, unless you are a carpenter, an artist on the move, or a wandering mathematician with an urge to jot down formulas while doing your grocery shopping, and just need a better way to keep your desktop organized, we have pencil holders for you. You can find a pen or pencil when you need one. We have an alternative solution to the pocket protector lining the inside of your front pocket on that white button down dress shirt. (We actually think the pencil tucked behind the ear is charming and have been known to do this very thing, no matter where we are working.) SpaceSavers has desk organizers and pencil holders that come in a plentiful array of styles to complement your existing décor. So, pack away those pocket protectors. Find some nice earrings to accessorize those ears. We have a better idea for keeping those pencils on hand when you need them.

    Go for the whole deal and get yourself a desk set. You will get the pencil holder, a document tray, a notepad holder, a business card holder, and a magazine or book holder. It looks good. It takes care of the clutter on your desk. It keeps you more organized. If that is not fitting the bill for what you need, how about a bamboo desk organizer that will not only hold your pencils, but can hold your memos, notepads, paper clips, push pins, stamps, and almost anything else you can think of that needs organized on your desktop. That’s better, you say. It’s closer, but not exactly what I need, you say. Oh, you want everything all stored away but off of your desktop, but still not rolling around loosely inside your desk drawer. We got your pencils, pens, scissors, tape, glue sticks, paper clips, and stamps all contained in one of our pencil boxes or one of our larger supply boxes. Pull it out of your drawer and use it at your desk or carry it to wherever you might need to work on a project. This actually would work great if you were a carpenter, an artist on the move, and, well, okay, maybe not if you are a wandering mathematician shopping for groceries.

    I just want a pencil holder, you say. Well, we have your pencils contained in one of our many pencil holders. From a square cup, to a silver mesh, or to an acrylic single to multi-compartment pencil holder – we have your pencils right where you need them. Try the expandable bamboo pencil holder, so you can hold your pencils, pens, and scissors right where you need them.

    Inside or up top of the desk, your desk will be organized. You will no longer be hunting down a pencil to jot down those notes. The pencil will be right at your fingertips. The clutter off of your desk will be cleaned up. You will find what you want and need at SpaceSavers. We have the storage solutions for you, even down to the smallest of details, like where to keep your pencils.