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Rolling Storage

Sometimes you just need a little extra space that goes wherever you need it.  Rolling storage carts and serving carts can be the perfect solution to extend kitchen space, serving space for a party, or just help getting things from point a to point b safely with minimal trips back and forth.  Whether you need additional space only occasionally or every day, these rolling storage carts fit the bill.


    Are you on a roll? Get organized around your home with convenient and easy rolling storage solutions. Wherever you need a little extra storage, a rolling cart, a rolling garment rack, a rolling filing cart, a rolling tiered basket, rolling chest of drawers, rolling serving cart, rolling kitchen island, a roll out drawer, a rolling bag, or a rolling dolly cart can get the ball rolling on your organization and storage needs. Nearly any room in your home can benefit from a rolling cart or rolling storage solution. What is so great about combining movement with storage is that your stored items can be moved easily, saving you time. Getting organized has never been easier.

    Let’s get on a roll in your kitchen with a rolling serving cart. Roll it over to where you need an extra pair of hands. If your countertops are full as you are doing your food preparation, utilize a rolling cart to hold the bowls and serving dishes that you will be putting the food in. Roll the serving cart right over to where you have your next food prep station and finish your job there. Roll the serving cart right on over to your dining room and unload the platters and bowls of food for your family’s dinner. The serving cart saves you time. You can get all the dishes you prepared out to the table in one trip. It makes it easier to carry large or heavy items. You’ve made a fantastic Thanksgiving turkey and have presented it beautifully upon the serving platter. It’s a bit awkward and heavy to carry. If you put it on a serving cart, that bird might as well have flown itself over to your dining room table.

    Maybe you want to serve up coffee and dessert to the guests in the living room. You can use a serving cart to roll out the coffee carafe, complete with the creamer, the sugar, all the coffee mugs, spoons, the cakes, cookies, bars, and the small dessert plates. Oops. Don’t forget the napkins. There you go and off you go with your mobile dessert station. You have just freed yourself up some time so you can actually socialize with your guests, instead of taking orders and running the food out to where your guests are chatting away.

    It can also simplify clean up time. Pile on the dirty dishes or let your guests return them to the cart themselves. When you have all the dirty dishes, you can roll your cart right back to the kitchen for clean up duty right then or save it for later, after your guests are gone. The rolling serving cart is a workhorse for your kitchen and serving needs.

    The same can be said for a garment rack or a rolling laundry cart in the laundry room of your home. You can hang dry your clothes on the hangers and store a basket of laundry on the bottom shelf. Roll your laundry cart to drop off washed clothing to the bedrooms in your home. Or simply use the rolling garment rack for additional storage space for your clothing in the laundry room or in your walk in closet.

    A rolling tiered basket cart can be ideal for the bathroom, office, bedroom, or kitchen. You can store hand towels and other bathroom essentials, rolling it around to where you need it. You can keep office supplies or files in it and once again, roll it from your desk to a workstation or simply roll it out of the way. Keep your clothing stored in the rolling basket cart or cosmetics and hair products in your bedroom. Roll to the bathroom or from one end of your bedroom to the closet. Store onions and other food in the basket cart in the kitchen. Roll over to where you are working when you need it and roll it back to a pantry or out of the way when you don’t. The possibilities for organization and storage really are endless with a rolling cart, garment rack, or rolling bins of any kind.

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