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Kitchen Serving Tools

Kitchen serving sets and serving tools from SpaceSavers will make entertaining a breeze! Don't be overwhelmed by your to-do list when entertaining guests, simply shop our tools and organization to pull off a party, dinner or brunch in no time.


    Hosting a dinner or party does not have to be a stressful event. With the right planning, organization, and serving tools, you can have a good time at your own party. We have a variety of serving tools to help you pull this party off in style and with ease. So, relax, shop our serving tools, and know that your party will be a success.

    If you love to have a great appetizer that is easy and beautiful, you are going to love our cheese board. It comes with everything. Serving forks and knives that can be kept out of the way by a magnetic strip, when not in use. A small ceramic compartment to hold all the goodies that taste delicious with cheese, and of course, you have the cutting board that functions as a place to cut, but also as a serving tray. It is practical. It is functional. It is beautiful. So, you will be off to a good appetizer start with this wonderful kitchen tool.

    SpaceSavers also can provide for you compartmentalized serving sets. Use these for veggie crudités, fruit trays, a pickled tray, or anything else your culinary and party heart desires. They are gorgeous, can be carried easily, and will certainly store your yummy foods in style at your next party. Get one in chrome or in satin nickel to fit whatever décor you have.

    Maybe you are having backyard burgers, dogs, and chicken on the grill. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a condiment caddy that you could carry out to the back deck and set on the table? In one central station, you can provide all that your guests will be looking for: ketchup, mustard, knives, forks, tobacco sauce, barbecue sauce, soy sauce, or napkins. Having all of the tabletop necessities in one organized holder will make each tabletop look better. Caterers note, that these work great at a party where you will be having multiple tables as well. Just buy enough so you can have one on each table. People can self serve the condiments of their choice wherever they are sitting. Another option, would be to set up a buffet line, placing several of these condiment caddies at the end of the line on each side of the table, depending on the number of guests in attendance at the party.

    Does your great grandmother at every holiday gathering, no matter what the weather, even in the heat of summer, insist that you have coffee on hand for dessert? No sense in arguing your case. Just make sure you provide some coffee using one of our coffee carafes. It will keep your coffee hot and can be set wherever the party action is at, so Great Grandma can serve herself up a cup of joe with that peach pie.

    Maybe you are looking for a way to provide ice for guests’ drinks, without you or them having to traipse into your house, digging hands into your ice in the freezer. Try using one of our ice buckets with tongs. You can refill as needed, but not as often as you would if you had to go get ice for every individual drink. Plus, it is more sanitary to supply some tongs for everyone to use, instead of having everyone digging their hands into your ice cube holder in the freezer. You will appreciate the leg work it saves you, plus, you won’t be spending the whole party in your freezer. You can actually stay out with your guests and enjoy the party. So, whether you are looking to save yourself some work or get your freezer free of germs, or both, we have the right serving tools for your ice.

    SpaceSavers wants your party to be a success and one you will also enjoy. Less stress. More fun. SpaceSavers can help you get it all.