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Shower & Bath Mats

A shower or tub without a bath mat can be a real slippery situation, literally. All ages and stages of life can benefit from the safety benefits of having a securely positioned bath mat. For little toddlers and young children, it keeps them from slipping even while sitting down. As anyone knows who has tried to handle a slippery toddler or baby, they can be sitting directly on their bottoms and still slip backwards, sliding under the water or bumping their head or both. If nothing else, even with a parent right there to grab them, it can startle the wee ones into not liking bath time. Bath time should be relaxing and enjoyable for your toddler and you, not worrisome. Although a bath mat cannot be a substitute for having an adult right there, kneeling on the floor of the bathroom by the tub, it can help the parent keep the baby or toddler steady while the parent still holds onto the baby or toddler. A bath mat keeps us adults from sliding around as well. It can even help with washing the family dog, giving Fido a secure under footing. SpaceSavers can help you keep the bath tub or shower just a little bit safer and easier to navigate in with one of our bath mats.

Another thing to look for in a bath mat is the ease with which you can keep the bath mat clean. If you have ever tried in vain to scrub the bottom of a bath mat clean and been unsuccessful in getting the mold and grime off, you know exactly what I mean by wanting to keep the bath mat clean. Just because the bath mat is in your tub or shower, doesn’t mean it stays clean. The tub and shower see a lot of dirt getting washed down their drains. A lot of that dirt and grime get stuck underneath your bath mat. Along with the dirt, a lot of water gets trapped under there as well, causing all sorts of moldy grime to accumulate. If you wait just a little too long to get under there and clean it out, you can have a bath mat that is nearly impossible to get clean. And let’s face it, how often do we really think of scrubbing the bottom of our bath mat’s clean? SpaceSavers can help you out with this problem. We have bath mats that are anti-bacterial and mold resistant. Some of them can be simply washed by hand with soap and water. Others can be tossed into your washing machine. Now, that is easy! A good tip to helping keep the dampness and grime from accumulating and getting stuck under your bath mat is to hang it up bottom up over the edge of your tub, over a towel rack, over the edge of a shower door, or over a shower curtain rod. If it is face up, more air circulation will get to it to quickly get it dry. Don’t forget to wipe it off by hand with soap and water occasionally or to toss it into your washing machine if it is machine washable. Finally, don’t forget to put it back on the floor of your shower or tub before you or anyone else hops in.

SpaceSavers wants to help you get the right products for your home, to keep things running smoothly and in an organized manner. We believe with the right tools and products, you can keep your home clutter free, clean, and make your life easier at the same time. Getting just the right bath mat can be one small step in the right direction to achieving that.