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Shower Caddies

A shower caddy can be a space saving storage solution for a crowded shower. Even if your shower is not crowded, shower caddies can better organize the space you have in the shower to better store all your products. Find a rust proof shower caddy to store hair products & body soap in a place that won't get knocked over, like the edge of the bathtub. The best shower caddy is going to provide you with shelf space that is enclosed preventing bottles from tipping over or from being knocked over. Large shower caddy or brushed nickel shower caddy, you can find a modern shower caddy that you like. Find the perfect shower caddy or shower caddies for your shower. You might also like these shower organizers, a hanging shower caddy, or a tension shower caddy.

    Find the Best Shower Caddy for Your Shower

    Shower organizers or shower caddies are great for any size household. Bachelor pad to family of four to a house full of eight college kids sharing a bathroom – all of those households could benefit from the space saving and organizing that a good shower caddy can bring to your shower. If you are like me, before I installed my first shower caddy, you were constantly knocking over the bottle of bubble bath as you stepped into the tub to take a shower. Then, as you are washing your hair, your elbow knocks over the conditioner and as you bend over to pick up the fallen conditioner, you somehow manage to knock the bar of facial soap off of its tiny precarious ledge. These things would not happen with the right shower caddy or in some situations, the right shower caddies. Sometimes, it really is the simple things in life that can make or break your day, so why not start your day off right in the shower with a rust proof shower caddy. You see, even in our showers and bath tubs, we need storage solutions like a large shower caddy. We have to have all of these cleansing products in the shower, otherwise, what would be the point, which is exactly why maybe the brushed nickel shower caddy is right for you. We wouldn’t have our shower products right where we need them when we need them without a white shower caddy, for example. It’s not going to do any good to have the shampoo in the hall closet instead of in an adjustable shower caddy. It makes for a wet bathroom floor if you have to keep all your bottles on the floor right outside your bath tub or shower instead of inside a modern shower caddy. If you happen to live in a household with multiple people, then, you probably have discovered that everyone uses their own shampoo, body soap, and so on making it imperative that at the bare minimum, your shower has a small shower caddy. So, things have a tendency to multiply rather quickly in the shower, compounding the storage problem making it more important than ever to have a clawfoot tub shower caddy. No worries, because SpaceSavers knows a thing or two about saving space, organizing, and making your life easier. Breathing a sigh of relief, yet? Here is what you can do.

    There are so many different shower organizers that we think you will find something among the myriad of choices available at SpaceSavers that will fix the overflowing products in the shower dilemma. You could start with a tension pole aluminum shower caddy. This long shower caddy is adjustable, so you can securely fit it in a tub or shower. This caddy shower unit is tucked into a corner, out of your way. This shower caddy for clawfoot tub can have multiple caddy compartments to hold all your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, facial washes and it can even come with hooks and bars to hang your scrubby brush, your wash cloth, or whatever else you may need to hang up in the shower. If a family shower caddy does not provide all the storage you need – I’m thinking of that house full of eight college kids – than in addition to the family-size shower caddy, you can hang from the shower head, a hanging caddy system that has compartments to hold even more additional bottles of products might be needed. If you don’t like the shower caddies, you can get a hanging mesh bag that acts like a shower caddy to hold all your shower supplies. Or you can get a shower caddy to hang over your shower door. You can get a shower caddy that attaches to your shower wall with suction cups. There are many choices for you. Try one or try a combination of several.

    We think you can take care of all of those knocked over bottles of shampoo with one or more of SpaceSavers’ shower caddy systems. Getting your shower and bath tub organized means less aggravation for you and it can save you space in your shower – for all your elbows! At SpaceSavers, we believe that we can help you live your life, your way, organized. Whether it is your kitchen, office, or even your shower, we can help you get it all under control, stored away, and in the process, making your life easier with shower caddies.
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