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Slatwall Systems

Make the best use of your garage space today with a slatwall storage system from Coleman, Flow Wall or Suncast. Just choose how much wall space you want to cover- panels mount easily to drywall or studs. Coleman VersaTrac pieces even mount to masonry walls. Add accessories to organize any way you choose. But don't limit these space-saving systems to a garage. They're great choices for nearly any work area you want to organize- basement, utility room, storage space or mud room.

If you need a garage organizational overhaul, than you have come to right place. Our garages have become a magnet for all sorts of different kinds of items. We would like to be able to park our cars in our garages, but sometimes there is so much “stuff” in them, that it seems a bit crowded or we can’t even get our cars in at all. If you would like to reclaim your garage back from all the “stuff” taking over, we have storage solutions for you. If you would like to create a more efficient and roomy work space in your garage for when you work on the cars or do other projects, getting all that “stuff” under control will make a huge difference in the space you will have to do your work. One of the best systems that can whip that garage into top of the line use of space is by taking advantage of a slatwall system. SpaceSavers has all the slatwall storage and accessories you could need. So, if you already have a slatwall system and want to add to it for additional storage, we can provide you with those accessories. If you don’t have a slatwall to mount the accessories on, but still would like to utilize the accessories for their storage capabilities, all of the slatwall accessories can be mounted directly onto your garage wall. So, come take a look at what SpaceSavers can do for your garage organization project.

Your lawn tools, carpentry tools, workshop tools, and other items can all be stored in an organized manner with the slatwall accessories. Add an extra shelf or a whole lot of extra shelves. The durable wire construction will hold up your gardening pots and supplies. We have small bins that can hold all of those small hardware items that you need to have sorted out and organized. Just because the bins are small doesn’t mean that they cannot pull their own weight. These small but strong bins can hold up to thirty pounds each. It’s a great way to store your differently sized nails, screws, bolts, and other small hardware. It keeps them all organized and sorted. It also makes it easy to find what you need when you need it. You can easily see into each bin to find what you are looking for. The bins hang on the wall, so you won’t be taking up space on your work bench either. So, give those heavy hardware items a boost up and install these bins on your garage wall.

If the small bins just aren’t big enough for you or you need the small bins and even bigger ones, we can do that too. SpaceSavers has the medium sized bins that hang on your wall and they can hold up to sixty five pounds each. Store your tools and other heavy items in these bins. Once again, because they are open topped, you will be able to easily find what you are looking for when you need it. You won’t be digging through a box of tools to find just what you need. Organize and sort out your tools with these hefty carrying bins. Store them up and off the floor of your garage to keep them just where you need them. Plus, they won’t take up all the room on your work bench either.

We also have bike hooks, sporting equipment hooks, and hooks for many other kinds of items that you can find in most garages. If you need a soft mesh bin to store all those soccer balls, basket balls, baseballs, and other kinds of sporting items for your kids, you can find that here too. Your storage needs will be met and you can get everything hanging on the wall of your garage, freeing up your work space using these slatwall systems or slatwall accessories. SpaceSavers can help provide the tools you need to get that garage organized.



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