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Kitchen Sink Sponge Holder & Sink Storage

Sponge holder for kitchen sink use? Yes. A kitchen sponge holder keeps your sponges & scrubbers dry when not in use. A sink sponge holder keeps the sponge out of the way. A kitchen sink sponge holder is a must for the busy kitchen & for sink storage. When you are done scrubbing your silverware clean, make sure to store it in the proper silverware storage & silverware organizers. Put your sponge away in the kitchen sponge holder while your dishes are drying in one of the dish drying racks. Drying a sponge in a kitchen sponge holder cuts down on funky smells. A sink sponge holder comes in many different styles. Find the sink sponge holder perfect for your sink. You are going to love this sink organizer: the kitchen sponge holder.

    Kitchen Sink Sponge Holder & the Spread of Germs
    A kitchen sink sponge holder can prevent the spread of germs. How? A kitchen sink sponge holder helps the sponge dry completely between uses. Sponges not dried in a sponge holder for a kitchen sink can harbor bacteria and germs that cause illnesses, even vomiting and diarrhea. Thoroughly rinse out your sponges and scrubbers before placing in a sponge holder for the kitchen sink. Then, make sure to air dry those sponges and scrubbers in a sponge holder for the kitchen sink. Drying sponges in sponge holders kills germs. Some people wash their sponges in a dishwasher to kill the germs, but microwaving it briefly would actuallly get the sponge hotter. Either way, you need to dry sponges completely in sponge holders. Changing your sponges out after 3 weeks of being in sponge holders is always a safe idea. Sanitize and clean the sponge holders before putting the new sponges back into the sponge holder for the sink. Just remember to repeat the cycle and always remember to dry those sponges and scrubbers in a sponge holder for sink use.