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Tabletop Storage Drawer Chests


    A life made simpler is a life full of peace and calm. A task that needs to be done is accomplished with ease and without urgency, because you know you have the time to get it done. You have a pleasant smile on your face. You know where everything you will be needing is at. If the unexpected occurs, something you need, but hadn’t planned on, or some interruption to the game plan, you can still be living a life full of calm. How do you do this? At SpaceSavers, we believe that through organization and proper storage, you can bring this sense of ease into your life. You can enjoy your time, living your life in your way. Just let us do the hard work. We have storage chests or storage drawers to fit any room in your house or office that will neatly take care of your storage and organizing needs.

    If you want storage, but don’t want to sacrifice beauty or style to get the job done, then, you are in the right place. At SpaceSavers, we can offer you something that will please your aesthetic eye. We have seagrass, rattan, paper rope, wicker, corn husk, willow, traditional laminate wood, plastic,or metal. We have any size you may need. If you want some stacking lidded chests to put at the foot of your bed to store your extra linens and pillows, we have a beautiful set of two seagrass chests that will keep your bedroom looking like the lovely sanctuary it is. You do not have to sacrifice style for function. You can have a three, four, or five drawer chest for your family room or living room to store toys, media, lap blankets, and anything else your home needs to store out of sight, but have close by for when you need it. This saves space. It will keep the sense of décor you are looking for in your room. It will make your life easier and save you time, because you will have what you need right on hand in the room you need it and when you are done using it, you can quickly put it away. This frees up time in your life to live your life the way you want to be enjoying it, instead of spending needless time running items from place to place or struggling to find them amidst the clutter.

    We have smaller desktop storage drawers for your home or work office to keep your smaller storage needs contained and readily available when you need them. Once again, no sacrifice to function is needed, because you will have choices that will suit your individual tastes as well as needs. If you want to store vertically, we got you the uplift you need. If you want to go horizontal and spread out, we got you covered. We have attractive storage options for your dining room. Our chest of drawers can double as extra tabletop surface for displaying an attractive bowl or vase as well as keeping your grandmother’s hand embroidered tablecloths neatly tucked in a drawer readily accessible for when you need it, and stored away protected when you don’t. Easy. Beautiful. Space saving.

    Do you need some extra storage in your bedroom, but don’t want to make your bedroom the ugliest room in your home? Don’t we all need extra storage in our bedrooms! We have storage chests with drawers that will keep the luxurious feel of your bedroom and do double duty as an end table next to your bed. Your favorite bedtime book is there on top, next to your favorite bedtime chamomile cup of tea, and your favorite scented hand lotion. So, go ahead and crawl under the covers. Relax. Breathe deeply and enjoy living your life, your way with SpaceSavers.