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Wall Mounted Drying Rack

A wall mounted drying rack is a great way to get save space in small apartments or small laundry rooms. A wall mounted clothes drying rack should fit into most spaces. Functionality is important - the wall drying rack you choose needs to fit how you'll use it. You may find a space works best with more than one wall mounted laundry drying rack to maximize your time. Measure your spaces before determining which wall mount drying rack works best. Don't limit yourself to traditional uses of a wall mounted drying rack. Add a wall mounted clothes drying rack and you'll see the impact right away. Make a difference in your space now with wall drying rack additions. Get your wall mounted laundry drying rack fast - order online or call Customer Service at 800-880-6264. Find an accordion drying rack or a collapsible drying rack. Get the wall mounted drying rack that'll transform your laundry day.