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Pot Lid Organizers & Bakeware Pan Storage

A pot lid rack can transform a jumbled mess of lids and pots into an organized cabinet. Find the right pot lid organizer for your kitchen cabinet. Don't stack them in a pile or try to stack them on top of the pots themselves. It's a waste of precious cabinet space store your lids in this way. Intead, use a pot lid holder in order to save space and make it easier to find the lid you need. Don't stop at a lid rack; get a bakeware organizer. Don't forget to get some kitchen shelf dividers for your pots and pans, a wrap rack, and a plastic lid rack.
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      How to Organize & Sort Your Pot Lids & Bakeware: 10 Great Ideas
      1. Pots & pans lids: sort and store all of your pots and pans lids in a cabinet lid holder. A cabinet lid rack can be stationary on a shelf in your cabinet or you can save cabinet space by getting a cabinet door lid organizer to store all those lids on the inside of your cabinet door. Gather up all the lids and place them in your cabinet door lid rack organizer. Make sure to put them for convenience sake on the inside of the door to the same cabinet that you store your pots and pans. If you can, plan it out, so this cabinet is one of the closest cabinets to your stove. Pot lid storage near the stove is ideal for a shelf pan lid rack or a cabinet door lid rack. Alternatively, consider a roll out drawer for your pot lid rack. Specially designed roll out drawers also double as a pot lid organizer.
      2. Baking pans: Use a baking pan organizer to store the pans vertically, taking up less space in your cabinet. Once again, it would be ideal to store your bakeware and bakeware organizer as close to the oven as possible. However, if you can't, any cabinet that has the vertical space you need as well as the depth, will do.
      3. Cutting boards: Store them vertically in any large and sturdy wire organizer. You could even use the same organizer as your bakeware organizer. However, storing the cutting boards near the sink where you most likely are going to do your rinsing and chopping is a better idea. Keep the knives, properly stored away near the sink and your cutting boards as well in order to save time. Wooden bamboo cutting boards are an ideal and sanitary choice as well as a sustainable eco-friendly choice. Having multiple cutting boards for veggies, fish, and other meats is always a good idea.
      4. Plastic lids & containers: Use a kitchen lid organizer for the plastic lids or use a plastic lid holder that holds various sizes together. Stack inside one another the plastic containers themselves in order to save space. This works best if you have a complete set of food storage containers. SpaceSavers has a wide array of food storage containers.
      5. Plastic wraps and foils: Use a wrap rack to store them efficiently in a cabinet with your other food storage containers.
      6. Pots and pans: Store on shelf dividers to accomodate various kinds of pots and pans. Ideally, store these close to your stovetop for easy access when you need them.
      7. Plates: Use a bamboo plate rack or any wire rack to save space while storing your plates. These work great for platters as well. Keep them in one of your upper cabinets near the dining area. Get more than one use out of your pot lid rack. Buy more than one pot lid organizer and use them for your plates as well.
      8. Small this and that items: Keep smaller items in pull out bins and baskets.
      9. Appliances: Install a roll out drawer to make it easy to reach your appliances and put them away when done. Keep them near the countertop with the outlet you use the most.
      10. Use an easy slide on under cabinet mug holder for all of your tea cups and coffee mugs. Use an upper cabinet for this and place it near where you typically make your tea and coffee.