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Space Saving Bags & Blanket Bags

Looking for blanket bags? A space saving bag is a great way to save space when it comes to storing linens and clothing. Some might say you are not short clothes; storage bags can be the way you solve the problem of the cluttered and overstuffed closet. Blanket bags are vacuum bags for clothes. Vacuum sealer bags for clothes like these are space saving storage for clothes.
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      Does your overstuffed closet need a makeover? With all of those shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, blazers, jackets, and more left hanging, storage capabilities can range from a small closet clean up task to a jumbo sized storage crisis. No these are not astronomical space vacuum bags, but simply plastic plastic clothing bags that can have the air sucked out of them, collapsing the clothing down inside of the vacuum seal bags. Clothes that were overcrowding your closet are now manageable.

      Plastic clothing storage bags can store more than just your clothing. You can store table linens like your out of season holiday linens; think Christmas tablecloths and napkins. Plastic clothes storage bags are a great way to create more space in your linen closet. Those large and bulky winter blankets, comforters, and sheet sets can be shrunk down leaving more room for additional storage options. Blanket bags and under the bed plastic clothing bags can be your space saving best friend.

      Our Top 10 Space Saving Ideas for Space Saving Bags
      1. Winter sweaters can be placed in them, vacuum sealed, and tucked away in your attic until the first snow fall.
      2. All those baby clothes that looked adorable when you first brought baby home are taking up too much space in your toddler’s closet. You want to keep the baby clothes for your next baby. Store them safely but without taking up too much precious space. Place them in a space saving bag and store under the toddler bed, under your bed, or tucked away on a top shelf of the closet.
      3. Summer time is here! Break out the sunscreen, bathing suits, swim trunks, flip flops, and sunglasses. Where did you store them over winter? In your basement inside of a space saving bag.
      4. Your grandmother has given you her treasured tea towels. You love them, but want to make sure they are preserved for those special moments when you might want to use them. Store them in a Space Bag tucked away in your linen closet.
      5. School is out. All those school uniforms that should still fit Junior next year can be stored out of sight and out of his closet for the summer. Put them in a space saving bag until the return of Fall when school is back in session.
      6. Traveling every other weekend is just part of your life. Save space in your luggage by shrinking down the clothes you want to bring home to be laundered in a space saving bag. Alternatively, use several for those quick you have to pack moments. Fill up several with a weekend’s worth of clothes and seal them up. Store them on a closet shelf and when you suddenly need to leave town, grab a bag for your suitcase and you are good to go.
      7. Beach towels for you, for hubby, for each kid – whoa, now that is a pile of beach towels. Where are you going to put everything else that needs to go in your beach bag? Use one for those towels and you’ll be feeling the sand between your toes, sprawled out on your beach towel in no time.
      8. Christmas stockings hung with care, holiday table runners, holiday placemats – all of them can be sealed up until post Thanksgiving in a space saving bag.
      9. It’s All Saints Day, the day after October 31st. November 1st comes around and the ghouls and goblins need to be banished until next season. Halloween costumes can be tucked into the attic inside of a space saving bag.
      10. Guest bedding doesn't need to be covering the guest bed year round. Store them in a space saving bag and save space in your linen closet for the bedding you use all the time.