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Stackable Drop Front Shoebox by Iris - Large




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Finally, there is a practical shoebox to accommodate larger shoes. Our drop front shoebox will hold bulkier shoes, longer shoes and many men's sizes as well. Each plastic shoe box stacks so you can customize your shoe storage system to fit your closet. Group your shoes by style, season, or color - however you plan it you'll be able to find whatever pair you want at a glance with the crystal clear plastic construction. A drop down front door on each box makes your shoes accessible no matter how many boxes you stack up. Since you won't ever need to pull boxes out to access the contents you can make the most of corners and tight spaces for out of season storage. Ventilation holes in the base of each box keeps moisture from building up and keeps your shoes in great condition.

Additional Dimensions:
Inside bottom: 13" L x 9.875" W x 6" D
Inside top: 13" L x 9.875" W x 6" D


Drop down front
Hold women's or men's shoes & boots
Ventilation holes in base


11" W x 15" D x 7.125" H

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Stackable Drop Front Shoebox by Iris - Large