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      Shelving is an excellent tool for organizing and storing for any room in your home, office, or school. SpaceSavers can provide the shelving and shelf organizer systems to get any room organized with the proper storage system that works for you. When selecting the right shelving system to fit your specific needs, there are a few things to consider. How much space do you have and where is the extra space? Is it along a wall, in a closet, or in a pantry? What room will the shelving be located? Is this a room where style as well as function will dictate what kind of shelving to get? What size, quantity, or type of items do you need stored? Would better organization be all you would need if you had the right shelving dividers and organizers? Before diving in, take these questions into consideration as you select the right shelving for your storage needs.

      How much space do you have? If you are organizing your garage, you might be able to create more space in your garage simply by getting everything organized and into a storage container. Store bikes and other sporting equipment from ceiling and wall mounted racks designed to hold those items specifically. If this is the case, you can install a large garage and utility shelving unit to house all the other smaller to medium sized items that take up so much space otherwise.

      On a smaller scale, you can create more pantry space in your pantry by installing some stackable shelves or wall mounted shelving. Sometimes, even on the smaller scale, you can create more storage space than you thought possible if you take into account the vertical space or the wall space that may not be in use. In existing cabinets and pantries, you can often utilize shelves that can be placed on an already existing shelf to double up, vertically, the square footage of storage. Proper cabinet and shelving organizers can help reduce the difficulties in finding what you are looking for. With organizers, sometimes, you can create more space you didn’t even know you had.

      In rooms like a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, style as well as function should be considered. In a room that you have a certain expectation of the attractiveness of the room, you are going to want to consider the stylistic or decorative elements in the shelving. Utilitarian shelving, like the ones you would use in the garage or maybe in a pantry, are not necessarily what you would want in your living room or dining room. Free standing shelving units, wall mounted shelves, basket shelf units, and wood shelving can be great choices depending on your individual style and needs.

      In the bathroom you may not have as much floor space for a free standing shelving unit. Maybe you also need additional places to hang towels. A wall mounted shelving unit with a towel rack could be the right solution for your storage needs. A wall mounted shelving unit with two or three tiers can provide you with the smaller scale grooming and toiletry products often needed in a bathroom. The addition of the towel rack takes care of your extra towels. The wall mounted shelving unit is in proportion to the relatively small space you may have in a smaller bathroom.

      Finding the right shelving solutions to your organization and storage needs is not impossible. You can get any room or area organized with the proper storage solutions for that particular space and for you. Put it on a shelf with SpaceSavers – and you are on your way to getting organized.