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As Seen On TV Moving Straps for Furniture - TeamStrap




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The As Seen On TV moving straps by TeamStrap are a must-have if you are a furniture moving professional or plan be moving furniture yourself at home or the office. With a lifting strap capacity of 650 lbs, the TeamStrap moving and lifting straps make you capable of carrying your biggest and heaviest home appliances and furniture. Whether you plan to move washers/dryers, refrigerators, sofas, entertainment centers, or another large item, these furniture carrying straps allow you to lift and move objects with ease. This 3 piece unit contains two shoulder straps and one lifting strap that is adjustable to fit your lifting needs. The secret to the TeamStrap moving and lifting straps is that they use leverage instead of strength, and the weight of the object is evenly distributed between two people to make items feel lighter. The furniture lifting straps enable each person to use larger muscle groups in the shoulders and thighs to lift the object, rather than just using your arms to lift. With the As Seen On TV moving straps, your arms will be free to help balance and control your furniture. Be in full control when lifting heavy furniture and prevent personal injuries and destruction to the object and your walls. These moving and lifting straps allow a 2 person tandem to lift and carry items easily across uneven terrain, hills, up and down stairs, and around corners.

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As Seen On TV Moving Strap Specifications:

  • Weight Capacity Recommended: 650 lbs/pair
  • Material: Super strength black webbing, bonded thread at each joint of the lifting strap
  • Weight: 1.5 lb/pair
  • Up to 48" of adjustment (5' to 9' harness to harness) according to dimensions of the object and height of people using the straps
  • Package Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 2-1/2"
  • Package contents: 2 Shoulder Moving Straps & 1 Adjustable Middle Lifting Strap



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As Seen On TV Moving Straps for Furniture - TeamStrap