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Baronial Bath Collection by Organize it All

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      Storage and style are twins that walk hand in hand here at SpaceSavers. We don’t think anyone has to sacrifice style for function. We love finding options for you to choose from that are stylish and provide the storage you need. The room in many of our homes that is often neglected when it comes to style and storage is the bathroom. We here at SpaceSavers believe we can help you create a beautiful sanctuary out of your bathroom. A good way to start is to begin by choosing pieces that will combine style and the need for storage and coordinating those pieces is easier when selecting from one collection. SpaceSavers has an elegant bath collection called the Baronial Bath Collection made by Organize it All.

      Here is how you can create the right ambience in your bathroom while still serving your needs, utilizing this collection. Let’s start with creating storage space in your bathroom is not being used for anything else right now. That space is above the tank of your toilet. Yes, some of the best ways to create more storage and space in your bathroom is to utilize the vertical space above the floor space that is already being taken up by other items. The Baronial Bath Collection by Organize it All has a sleek space saving shelving unit that fits right over the tank of your toilet. Its sleek design comes from the combination of the wood look with chrome accents. The wood look is created by using a wood finish MDF (medium density fiberboard). You get the better of two styles in the wood and chrome. The wood brings warmth and elegance to the bathroom, while the chrome keeps the shelving unit as a whole more modern and sleek. Now, you have two shelves to store your extra soaps and lotions, hand towels, and any beautiful décor elements that will help facilitate the spa retreat like ambience you want for your bathroom. It doesn’t take up any more additional floor space. By going vertical, you have less of a footprint.

      A great way to create the overall feel of the sanctuary in your bathroom is to carry that elegant look further by adding one or two more pieces from the same collection into your bathroom. Once again, you will be serving the dual desires and needs of style and storage. By adding the Baronial Bath freestanding towel rack, you will now have a place to hang the household’s wet towels as well as provide some additional storage on the bottom shelf for extra hand towels or wash cloths. By coordinating with the space saving over the tank shelving unit, you have created a connecting thread that goes throughout your bathroom, which leads to a more unified and cohesive look. A look that is reinforcing the ambiance and style of the bathroom sanctuary, while still serving your storage needs. These freestanding towel racks also work great in guest bathrooms. The guests know where the clean towels are and have a place to hang them once they have been used.

      To create the ultimate look, place a third piece from this collection in your bathroom or if you don’t feel you want the freestanding towel rack, use and additional shelving unit to coordinate with that over the tank space saving shelving unit. The Baronial Bath Collection by Organize it All has three, four, and five tiered shelving units. So, if you only need a little bit of storage or you want to maximize your storage by utilizing all that vertical storage space on the five tiered shelving unit, this collection can provide it. Combine the bathroom essentials that you need to keep stored in your bathroom on this unit along with some stylish décor elements that keep the bathroom looking just as attractive as well as practical.

      After arranging your bathroom using the Baronial Bath Collection by Organize it All, you will have not just a bathroom, but a sanctuary you will look forward to pampering yourself in.