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Bathroom Shelving Units

Add storage space without changing your bathroom footprint with free standing shelving units - vertical storage units offer a big impact while taking up minimal floor space. Utilize a storage tower in your space to hold necessities or use it for a display area and add a spa feel to your space.

    Building storage into an existing bathroom or storage closet can be costly if you choose to do a remodel, but construction isn’t the only option. Even in homes with a limited floor space you may be able to solve your storage issues with a free-standing storage tower. The spaces under a window, or tucked into odd corners, often seem useless in small – this is where a storage tower can come in handy. Do you live in an older home with a radiator system? Consider choosing a shelving system that will fit over your radiator; remove the bottom shelves and situate the shelving system over the radiator, then you can reclaim what truly feels like wasted space without interfering with the function of the radiator. When you start thinking about your room as parcels of floor space, surprising opportunities come to mind for what seemed like awkward and useless areas where no storage would ever fit.

    A shelving system with a narrow depth will often fit into a space where other bathroom furniture would get in the way of the traffic pattern or opening other cupboards or doors. Since plenty of bath items can be folded or rolled to custom sizes they can be stored easily on even narrow shelves. And, the narrower the shelf, the less likely anything will end up pushed to the back and out of sight. To make the most of shelf space try incorporating plastic or decorative baskets and bins to store small items such as soaps, loofahs, nail polish bottles, make-up containers, cotton balls, and hair clips – these items can find a home on any size shelf freeing up built-in storage for larger items like linens or bath appliances. Bath storage is one place where you’ll find a lot of flexibility in size of storage containers and shelf space, so make the most of it. If you don’t have a lot of cupboard space, add a free standing storage tower and then get creative about how you store things on it so that everyday items are hidden in clear sight but look like they were intended to be a decorative element instead of a necessary eyesore.

    The more style you incorporate into your bathroom storage systems the more your space will have that spa feel that is so popular in bath spaces. If you want the feel of an upscale hotel or have a small bath that feels a little claustrophobic, try a chrome and glass shelving system. The shine of the chrome gives a clean, modern feel while the glass disappears so that carefully placed items seem to float in place, giving you none of the visual weight of shelves.

    Prefer an organic look? Try wood or bamboo shelving – the wood tones are soothing and can help to ground a room and anchor it if you need a place to rest the eye. Often the mirrors and shiny surfaces like tile, porcelain and glass doors can start to feel cold. A wooden storage shelf breaks up all that shine while providing you with valuable storage space.

    Whether you’re looking for shelves to fit along a wall under a window or towel rack, or a taller free standing shelving system that will make the most of space from floor to ceiling, we have shelving units to fit your needs. Many of our shelves are part of furniture collections that give you multiple storage options so you can find multiple coordinating storage solutions for your space.

    A free standing bathroom shelf isn't limited to bathroom duty – they can do double duty in a kitchen, closet, laundry, or pantry space as well.