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Battery Storage & Battery Organizers

Battery organizers such as a battery rack is a must to garage storage and as desk accessories & organizers. AAA battery holder can be your battery storage system with so many household items needing batteries. A good battery rack like a AAA battery holder can provide you with a battery storage system. However, a battery organizer for all sizes of batteries is an even better battery storage system. Find the battery rack & battery organizers for your garage, home, & office. AAA battery holder & other sized battery organizers can get that junk drawer organized with a proper battery storage system. Don't let another day go by without a battery rack. Find more storage solutions with stackable storage & laundry sorter on wheels.
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    • Battery Rack & Battery Organizers: AAA Battery Holder & Other Battery Storage
      Where do you keep your batteries? In a battery rack? Are they in a junk drawer in the kitchen? Do you keep them in battery organizers? Are they in a junk drawer in the garage work bench? Why not install a AAA batter holder in the garage? Do you keep them in the drawer to the entertainment center, because it seems you are always changing out the batteries to the controllers on to the Wii? Why not put them in a battery rack in the drawer for proper battery storage? Maybe you keep them in your desk drawer. You could put those batteries in battery organizers inside that desk drawer. Wherever you keep your batteries, I have another question for you. Are they easy to find? They would be easy to find if they were in a battery rack. I don’t just mean where in your home or garage – are they easy to find – but is it easy to find the actual size of battery that you need when you are looking for it? Put those AAA batteries in an AAA battery holder. Many of us, once we open a package of batteries, we toss them all into a drawer to be forgotten instead of in a battery organizer. If we are lucky enough to remember which drawer we have tossed them into, then it becomes a matter of if they will be the right kind of battery because we don't put them in a battery storage system that separates out the different sizes. Getting your batteries properly stored in a battery storage rack can make it easier to find them and to not forget you even have them. How many times have you bought more at the store because you didn’t remember that you already had them? If you had them in a battery storage organizer, you would remember. Keeping them contained in battery containers and in the same place will help you keep track of where and what kind of batteries you have.

      SpaceSavers can help you by providing just the right kind of battery storage you need. At SpaceSavers, we can provide you with a battery storage rack that can hold up to 66 batteries. That is a lot of batteries! It can hold 10 AAA, 8 of the 9 volt batteries, 8 D batteries, 25 AA batteries, 10 C batteries, 5 watch or hearing aid batteries, and it comes with a battery tester. You can store this battery rack in the same drawer you once tossed all of your batteries into or you can mount it on your garage wall for an even easier visual access to what you have and don’t have. You will know the next time you need AAA batteries if you have them or not if you keep them in a battery rack.

      Round off your battery rack with a device that can recharge your batteries, extending the life of one battery to a hundred times that. At SpaceSavers, you can get a battery recharger that can recharge AA or AAA batteries. It simply plugs into an outlet and your batteries will start recharging. It has an LED indicator. You can charge AA or AAA batteries at the same time. It renews all brands of batteries. So between keeping your batteries organized and being able to recharge them, you will not be driving to the store to purchase batteries very often anymore. Being able to renew your battery life this way is a huge money saving tactic, especially if you have kids, big or small, who love to play the Wii and are constantly running through batteries in their controllers. Keep those batteris in a battery rack.

      Organizing your batteries in a battery rack, extending their life, will save you time, save you money, and can even save you space if you wall mount a battery rack or organize your batteries into other kinds of battery containers that keep them together. We have hinged and lidded battery containers that hold AAA batteries, D batteries, C batteries, or a combination of any of them. Don’t run out of batteries again. Keep them stored and keep them charged in a battery rack.

      At SpaceSavers we love to help you live your life, your way, organized. From the big storage needs of your garage to the little storage needs in your garage, like storing batteries in a battery rack, we can help provide you with the right storage tools, like a battery rack, to get your garage organized.