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Bike Storage Racks

    Properly caring and storing your bicycle can make a difference in the longevity of your bike. There are a few things to consider when weighing the possibilities of where and how to store your bike. Although a bike can withstand certain weather elements, repeated long term exposure can degrade the overall functionality and appearance of your bike. Rusting parts and rusting chains can be the result of too much long term moisture exposure. Tires can crack if left out in the snow. So, whether you ride for competition, fun, charity, or only for the occasional Sunday afternoon bike ride with friends, properly caring for and storing your bike will insure you get to ride it again the next time you do want to ride it, without having to deal with major repairs.

    If you can, store your bike by hanging it from a garage wall or even the ceiling. There are specially designed bike rack storage systems that can keep your bike off of the bike's tires, alleviating damage from having the full weight of the bike on the tires constantly. If you cannot or don't want to install a bike rack on the wall or have a ceiling mounted bike rack, you can get a free standing bike rack that can hold multiple bikes. The freestanding bike rack is useful if you are renting a unit and cannot drill any holes in the walls or ceiling.
    Before putting your bike away until the next ride, make sure to clean the bike to prevent any rusting or other issues that can occur from dirt, grime, and moisture from being on the bike. Wipe down the bike thoroughly, cleaning everything. Don't forget to get dirt and debris out from the chains and tires as well. A thorough cleaning now before storage is a good strategy to maintaining your bike. While cleaning your bike, inspect it for any possible issues. Look for cracks, test the brakes, and make sure all the gears are working properly. If the tires are worn, replace them now. If there are any issues with the brakes or the chain, do your repairs before putting it in storage. The last thing you can do before storing it is to lubricate the moving parts. Then, use all those moving parts and get them in motion, so the oil will thoroughly lubricate every part that needs it.

    After going through all the effort at cleaning the bike, you might want to consider covering the bike after you have it mounted on the wall or hanging from the ceiling or lifted up on the freestanding bike rack. A cover keeps it a bit more clean than without one, which you may want to do if it is going to be stored for any length of time. When you are ready for your next ride, you are set. Happy trails to you!