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Bookcase Storage

You can never have too many bookcases. They help to bring a room together and add structure, not to mention their handiness when it comes to keeping books off the floor. For an uncluttered, decorative look, try placing books on your shelves vertically as well as horizontally. Leave enough room to add a few show piece items such as statuettes, photographs and small ivy plants. You might also like one of the kids book shelves in pastel and primary colors.


    Bookcases are the backbone to storage throughout any home or office. Bookcases do store books, but they can store so much more. They combine functional storage with the art of stylish décor. What room do you need an attractive piece of furniture to house your storage needs? Shop SpaceSavers for a myriad of bookcase options for any room in your home, office, or school.

    If you have kids, you know how quickly books and toys can scatter throughout your home. It can seem as if the toys and books double when they are constantly underfoot. Make pick up time more fun and easier with one of the KidKraft bookcases found here at SpaceSavers. A sling bookshelf can be just the answer to the problem many toddlers and young children face when attempting to put their books away. Make it easier for them with this bookshelf. They don’t have to know how to place a book, spine out and vertically in order to put their books away, which will decrease their frustration and yours. The ease in which they can easily select the books they want will make reading more fun. The sling bookshelf is ideal for a child’s bedroom, playroom, school classroom, or in a waiting room in an office setting.

    Maybe you are looking for a more modular way to increase your storage potential in a room. Either because you may be moving soon or you predict your storage needs may increase as time goes on, but maybe only need to start small for right now. If this is you, utilize the modular and eco-friendly storage cubes by Way Basics. They come in assorted colors to fit the schematic color of your room. They are easy to move around and change as your room changes or your needs change. They work great and look good in any room or setting in a home, office, or school. They are lightweight, which means moving them around will be a cinch. You can feel good about what and how they are made. They are made with ZBoards, which are sustainably made out of post-consumer recycled paper and they themselves are completely recyclable. Just because they are lightweight to carry, doesn’t mean they are lightweights when it comes to storage. They are just as sturdy as their heavier counterparts, particle board furniture.

    Get a leg up at home, school, or at the office with Legare Furniture’s bamboo bookcases. No tools are needed for the assembly of these sustainably and organically grown bamboo shelves. The units are cleverly made so you can conceal cables for any media storage you need. The shelves are adjustable. The beautiful bamboo is laminated using E-1 grade VOC-free adhesives. With an easy two minute assembly, it would be an ideal bookcase to use if you think you may be moving soon. The modern, curvilinear design is stylish for any home or office setting. You get all of that and it stores your books, DVDs, CDs, pottery, files, and anything else you need stored.

    Whimsical and fun children’s bookcases, modular and no tool assembly bookshelves, sustainable materials, attractive and stylish, or lightweight – whatever the criteria you have made for the bookcase you need in whatever room of your home or office, SpaceSavers can provide it. Get your books organized. Get your files organized. Store those toys out from under your feet. Pack up and move with your bookcases. Take them with you and get them assembled quickly. Bookshelves are the stylish and functional necessary component of organizing any room in your home, office, or school. They are versatile in where they can go and how they can be used. They are as versatile as any of your storage needs may require.