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Boot Storage

Protect the investment you make in quality boots with boot storage solutions that protect their shape and keep them organized in your closet or storage spaces. A boot rack can be paired with shoe racks or act as a standalone piece. Many tall boot storage systems can store a range of boots from tall boots to ankle boots to cowboy boots. If you live in a rainy climate a welly boot rack near the back door could come in handy for outdoor boot storage.
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      Boot Storage Solutions

      This year we searched for boot storage and boot organizer ideas from all of our top vendors. We ran across a variety of boot organizer systems from plastic boot tress that rest on the floor of your closet or slip inside your boots to create a hanging boot rack suspended from your closet rod. We found boot trees and boot tree attachments for spinning boots storage that allowed you to mix and match boots and shoes on the same multi-level tree as desired.

      Boot Trees for Women

      While most of the boot storage systems we saw were meant for women's tall boots and women's ankle boots, storage trees can be unisex. We saw a bronzed metal finished boot storage rack that could be a boot rack for closet storage for women's boots, men's dress boots or even act as a cowboy boot rack or outdoor boot rack. A metal boot rack will last for years on the floor of your closet and is a good choice for long term storage.

      Canvas boot storage can act as a boot and shoe rack, especially if the storage pockets are convertible - you can even make use of some for purses or accessories (until you acquire more boots.)

      Cowboy boot storage

      Cowboy boots can be big investment if you're a collector or just have several favorite pairs - while you might think that a wooden boot rack or a rustic boot rack might be the best fit for your cowboy boots a modern boot rack might might maximize your storage for boots and justify a new purchase. Any shoe rack for boots can become a western boot rack - it's all about attitude.

      Boot Drying Rack

      Any of our floor boot racks can function as a boot dryer rack - place a rubber mat on the floor, position the boot shoe rack inside and leave your boots to air. The same boot organizers for closets will function as a boot drying rack. Make your system double-duty near an exterior door as a shoe/boot rack where you keep everyone's favorite pair of outdoor shoes all year round - then there's no need for early morning scrambles to get out of the house.

      If you're looking for more boot storage ideas, don't miss the SpaceSavers blog where we'll continue to pass on great boot storage ideas. If you're looking for long-term boot organizer storage, consider a canvas storage box that allows boots to breathe but protects them from the elements.