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Ellipse Chrome Fruit Tree by Spectrum




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Keep fresh fruit readily at hand with the ellipse chrome fruit tree by Spectrum. This chrome finished, wire formed fruit bowl combines elegance with ingenuity. The smooth, corrosion resistant wiring forms a general bowl for apples, oranges, peaches, and more to sit in. The frame of the bowl continues up into the air to form a hook for bananas to hang from as well. For a reasonable price, you can purchase this attractive, timeless fruit bowl that looks great on any table. Get yourself and your family to eat more fruit when it’s out there for everyone to see each morning.


Wire-formed fruit bowl and banana hangar
Smooth chrome finish
Holds several pieces of fruit plus banana bunch
Sturdy timeless design


15 1/8"H x 7 1/16"W x 12 1/4"D

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Ellipse Chrome Fruit Tree by Spectrum