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Keepsake Storage Box (6 Pack) by Rubbermaid




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This 6 pack of versatile storage boxes from Rubbermaid are a great solution to organize your media or crafting collection. Each stackable box is sized to protect photo envelopes, vhs tapes, DVDs, or CDs with custom configurations for each box. Use them to keep your open shelving orderly, or maximize the storage space in closets. Protect plastic cases and envelopes from wear and tear with these clever boxes.

They're also ultra-portable, use them to gather together an entertainment pack for the kids for the car or hotel room. Or create a road trip play list of your favorite CDs.

Also available as individual units.

Additional Dimensions:
Inside Bottom: 16" L x 7.25" W x 6.125" H
Inside Top: 16.5" L x 8.125" W x 6.125" H



9" W x 18.17" L x 6.97" H

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Keepsake Storage Box (6 Pack) by Rubbermaid