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Lidded Poly Semi-Transparent Box with Chrome Trim




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This lidded storage box is unique because of it's semi-transparency and polypropylene material. An ID label awaits in chrome plating for names, contents, and important dates to be scribbled; plus, a chrome outline protects the box from damage due to heavy use. This is the perfect storage container for teenagers; they can place all their folders and necessary school notes at the edge of their desk without the risk of spilling anything on them. Surprisingly lightweight, the box is medium in size and can conveniently be moved anywhere for easier access. Colorful pieces of paper or folders will shine through, giving the box a vibrant and mysterious appearance.


White opaque polypropylene
Chrome accent rivets & trim
Chrome label holder


8.75"W x 11.75"D x 5"H

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Lidded Poly Semi-Transparent Box with Chrome Trim