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Canvas Storage

A canvas storage bin, canvas drawers, or canvas storage boxes offer a stylish, long-lasting alternative to plastic for closet & home storage. Canvas storage bins offer a clean organic look in functional storage pieces. A canvas storage bin, canvas drawers, & canvas storage boxes provide long-term storage as an alternative to plastic storage containers. Canvas storage bins can fit into your decorating schemes from casual to shabby-chic to country. Get organized with a canvas storage bin. Canvas storage bin solutions are a great way to get started with your organizing project. Building a custom canvas drawers storage system means you can choose the canvas drawers storage that makes a statement. Improve the organization and efficiency of your life with functional canvas storage bins. Find more storage with DVD/CD holders & a junk drawer organizer.

    A canvas storage bin is a lightweight, sturdy storage solution that looks great throughout the house. Canvas drawers provide a more organic feel to your shelves or closets. Canvas storage bins are a great alternative to plastic or wire. The texture of the canvas storage boxes are built into the fabric, innate to the manufacturing process, and unique to this material, giving the canvas storage bin a homey character that can add warmth to space whether the canvas drawers are on a closet shelf or tucked under a bench in the entryway. Canvas storage boxes are even great for storing vegetables or linens in an open front cupboard in your kitchen.

    Canvas storage bins are exceptionally durable and can handle a lot of abuse relative to other fabrics. Even though a canvas storage bin is often off-white it’s not overly susceptible to stains. Small marks on canvas drawers can be erased with bleach pens or by dabbing bleach on the spot with a cloth and then rinsing the area. While the canvas fabric on canvas storage boxes is easily washable, be aware of what structure is underneath the canvas on the canvas storage bin before immersing it in water. Often canvas storage boxes and canvas storage bins get their structure from cardboard shapers which won’t weather water well.

    Our canvas storage bin series from Household Essentials can take your closet from ho-hum to a pleasure to navigate. This line of canvas storage bins features light colored canvas with a smart contrast of dark piping that define the edges of each canvas storage bin and add a pop of color. Clear vinyl windows on each canvas storage bin allow you to see what’s stored inside the canvas storage bin without opening the canvas storage boxes and many of the canvas storage bins feature a drop-down front on each canvas storage bin which means you won’t have to shuffle the stack of canvas storage boxes to get to items stored in the canvas storage bins at the bottom of the stack. Just flip open the canvas storage bin, grab what you want and go. Use these canvas storage bin systems to make the most of awkward spaces in closets. Canvas storage bins come in a variety of sizes to make the most of whatever storage space you have available. The range of lengths, widths and heights of the canvas drawers all work together since each canvas storage bin has a uniform depth – that means easy stacking and no worries that the edge of one canvas storage bin will cause another canvas storage bin to tip.

    The Visions line of canvas storage bins for clothing and shoes come in sizes great for shoes, sweaters, purses, scarves, even lingerie. The canvas storage bins for the Visions for dishes come with padded inserts to cushion each plate and the stemware canvas storage bins hold up to a dozen glasses, cups, or wine flutes. Pack your stemware away with confidence that each piece is protected against chips and broken stems in the individual compartments of the canvas storage boxes and then transport them easily with the sturdy carrying handles. Plates nestle into padded inserts to cushion each one separately from the rest. Store a full set in one canvas storage box or mix and match, stacking from largest to smallest.

    Does your home office or workspace feel cold and impersonal? Warm it up and add style that fits your personality with a canvas storage bin or document file canvas storage boxes. No one ever said that desk storage had to mean boring storage. A wall mount canvas storage basket can add storage to unexpected places and bring in the warmth of the canvas storage bin to your vertical spaces, almost acting as a spot of wall art.

    Canvas storage bins work great in kids rooms too. Try canvas drawers for corralling toys at the end of the day at the bottom of a clothes closet, or use canvas drawers to slide toys and craft items out of the way when play time is over. Canvas storage boxes can also make it easy to transport toys from one room to another or let your little ones take their special treasures with them when traveling or spending the day with someone who isn’t prepared to keep them occupied with age appropriate toys nestled in a canvas storage bin.