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Carts & Dollies

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      There are some items that are difficult to transport from place to place. A cart or dolly can help get the job done. If anyone has ever had to move, you know how back breaking it can be to move boxes from one place to another, even if it is a short distance. Imagine how much easier it would be with a cart or dolly to ease the strain on your aching back. Imagine, even better, if you could carry more than one box at a time with the same cart or dolly, making it not only easier on your back, but getting the same moving job done all that faster. At home or the office, a cart or dolly can be a great working tool. At the office, imagine how much easier it would be to move those boxes of computer paper around or boxes of files that need to be run to the storage room? You can strain your back and take a long time moving things around or you can shorten the amount of time it takes you to do the same job, while making sure you aren’t permanently or temporarily putting yourself out of the work force by hurting your back. A cart or dolly is a good investment. At SpaceSavers, we can provide you with the cart or dolly that you need.

      We have the Dollee Cart Dolly, which can hold up to three hundred pounds when base is fully extended or up to four hundred pounds when the base is closed. This is great for moving things around in your garage, which is often the place for us to store our many different things. It is also great for around the office, when there are often many different kinds of items we keep in stock for our use or for customers. The Dollee Cart Dolly is definitely a work horse that you will want around when it comes time to get that moving job done, big or small.

      Are you tired of maneuvering those heavy garbage cans to the curb? Give your back a break and take advantage of what SpaceSavers can provide you with our trash can cart that can hold two thirty gallon trash cans. It has adjustable side bars, so you can make the adjustments needed for different kinds of trash cans. There are no tools necessary to assemble this cart. It is built to last with a durable epoxy coating and rubber tires. It complies with most city and village ordinances. Save your back and make your life easier by storing your trash cans in this trash can cart. Simply roll it from your garage to the curb. You will definitely appreciate how much easier it is to get the trash to the curb if this is your chore!

      For slightly smaller transportation of items, you might want to consider a shopping cart. At SpaceSavers, we have a variety of shopping carts available for you. This can be great if you walk to your local market and need a better way to carry your bags home. It is ideal for anyone who lives in a city where driving to the store is not the most convenient way to shop. If you are a busy parent who has enough to carry as it is between making sure your children are with you and all the gear that you need to carry with you when you have children, you will love this cart. You can put your shopping bags in the cart and still easily hold a toddler’s hand. You can use it to carry all those supplies into your child’s classroom at the beginning of the year or when you are in charge of snack day at the preschool. It is simply a great way to carry up to thirty pounds of items for you from one point to another.

      Save time and save your back with one of our many different kinds of carts and dollys!