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China, Silver & Stemware Storage

China storage and silver storage can preserve as well as protect your treasured pieces. Quilted vinyl china storage containers protect your china and stemware from chips or scratches as well as dust. Silver keeper bags are a great way to store your silver and prevent tarnish. Silver polish and maintenance cloths also help to renew, protect, and prolong the beautiful silver finish. Find the china storage containers you need to preserve & protect your china. Find more storage solutions with glassware & beverage service & silverware storage & silverware organizers.
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      Dinner Plate Storage Boxes & Crystal Storage Containers
      What kind of storage boxes for china do you use? Fine china storage cases are not all made equally. Many of us have fine china and stemware collections that we hope to keep unbroken in between uses and with out proper china keepers storage, this isn't going to happen. Often, these delicate treasures don’t come out of our cabinets, attics, or basements unless some major holiday or special event is about to occur. When they do, they are not always coming out of china plate storage cases either. What do you store them in while they are not in use? Fine china storage bags? With china storage covers? Maybe you have a Hagerty china storage case? Or like most people, are your storage cases for china actually the old fashioned cardboard box? Cardboard boxes is not the answer for china and glassware storage cases. Even if you keep your china in special china storage cabinets, you want to protect them further. Plate storage and other dish storage needs to thoroughly protect your valuables. China keepers or china storage protectors can offer the soft protection that china requires. Some of you maybe even collect vintage plates, tea cups, china, or stemware and are in need of good china storage keepers. If you do, you have logged quite a few hours attending live auctions or scouring online to find your precious treasures. Why not protect them with china storage boxes? An investment of time and resources should be protected with the proper china stroage cases. At SpaceSavers, you can rest assured knowing that we can offer you a variety of china savers storage options for your fragile collections. Dinnerware storage is at hand! Don’t store your great grandmother’s fine wedding china in the cardboard packing boxes your mother gave them to you in. If you put them in cardboard instead of the proper china dinnerware storage cases, they not only will be more likely to get broken that way, they will be more likely to become infested or turned into housing for pests like earwigs, silverfish, or mice. Mice will get into anything if you don't use the proper china storage sets. Earwigs and silverfish love wood, cardboard, and paper making fine china storage a necessity. So, storing anything in cardboard boxes full of newspaper is like holding a neon welcome sign to these pests. If you find mouse droppings and dead bugs all over your stemware, this association alone to what was once all over your fine stemware is going to prevent you from wanting to use them at your next New Year’s Eve party. I wouldn’t be telling your party guests about your uninvited guests who were using that champagne glass they are now drinking out of as their own personal house and bathroom. It’s not the kind of party surprise you want spreading around. After placing your china in the proper dish storage containers you can then for added protection place these china storage bags inside of an airtight plastic container, like the ones found here at

      China Storage
      You can get those special items safely, cleanly, and neatly packed away in one of our crystal storage boxes designed to hold your specific treasures. A china storage box comes in different materials from canvas, to faux leather, and quilted fabric. While placing your china inside one of these cloth storage baskets, don't forget to line between the plates. We have felt plate dividers that you can put between the plates when placing them in the china plate storage container. There are fine china storage containers just for plates, just for cups, and just for stemware. You don’t have to pack your tea cups with newspaper on top of your plates, also packed with newspaper and consider these good dinnerware storage containers. That is how collections get broken, plus the cardboard and paper are tasty treats to pests unlike the proper storage china cases. You don’t want to take out your china at the last minute before an event only to have the cardboard box disintegrate and cause you to drop and break your favorite dinner plates. The right china storage case is not going to fall apart.

      China Storage, Silver Storage, Stemware Storage Cleaning
      When it is time to pull your china, silver, or stemware out of storage, you can then clean them and use them. We offer special polishes and storage for your silver as well. You don’t have to worry about your great grandmother-in-law frowning on how you have been storing her wedding silver that she gave you five years ago. When she goes to inspect them, they won’t show a sign of tarnish.

      Silver, Stemware, China Storage Furniture
      In addition to our china, silver, and stemware storage options, we also sell wine cabinets for your wine collections with built in storage for your wine and spirits glasses. If you would like to keep your stemware close at hand to where you also store your bottles of wine, this may be a good combination storage system for you. These pieces of furniture will take care of your storage needs, but do it in beauty and style. You will not be sacrificing elegance for function with these cabinets. They can be a beautiful addition to the décor of your dining room, kitchen, or den.

      Keep your special occasions dishes and stemware special and in excellent condition by storing it safely away when not in use with storage solutions from SpaceSavers. Quilted china storage cases and fine china storage boxes are the solution to protecting your china.