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Cleaning Tool Storage

Broom holders & broom hangers are a must in any household. Do you keep your brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools in broom holders? Are they wedged between your refrigerator and countertop instead of in broom hangers? Do you prop them against the wall in the landing of your basement stairs instead of in a broom holder? Do you have a cleaning or utility closet you keep your cleaning supplies and tools in that has a broom holder organizer? With a cleaning closet, on your basement stairs, or within your kitchen, you can better organize your cleaning tools by taking advantage of broom and mop organizers. Don't sweep this organizing project under the rug. Get your broom & mop storage organized while maximizing space. With a wide selection of broom holders, you can get those tools organized. Find more ways to get your cleaning organized with microfiber cleaning tools & laundry hooks.
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      How to Organize Your Cleaning Tools: Broom Closet Organization
      Where do you keep your cleaning tools? Do you use broom hangers? Who wants to waste valuable space on your brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools? One way to maximize the space you designate for your cleaning tools is to lift them off the floor. Broom holders that store your supplies against the wall and up off the ground can effectively give you the storage and organization you need for your cleaning tools. Let's talk specifics. What areas are some of the most common spaces we store our cleaning tools and supplies?

      Utility Closet & Broom Hangers
      Let's say you have a utility closet that you store everything from your vacuum to your brooms to your pail of eco-friendly cleaning supplies. The problem is you pile everything on the floor of this narrow as well as shallow closet. As a result, it is a fight to wedge your vacuum back into the closet when you are done vacuuming or you find yourself on your hands and knees digging past brooms to get to your cleaning sprays, cleaning cloths, and sponges.

      The best way to approach the task of organizing your cleaning tool storage is to start with the "hardscape", to borrow a term from the landscaping industry. The idea of a cleaning hardscape are the storage implements that create the framework on which your cleaning tools and supplies can easily be seen and stored. To start, install a broom holder. What kind of broom holder organizer you need is entirely dependent on the number of brooms, mops, and dustpans you have. If all you have is a broom with an attached dustpan, a single broom rack could suffice. This is inexpensive and easy to install. The point is by lifting it up off the floor and placing it against the wall, you are making it easier to access the broom as well as organizing the closet space in a manner which is conducive to optimizing the storage space you have. If you have a mop and broom, the solution is a mop and broom holder. Wall mount the broom organizer on the inside left or right wall. Another option would be to create your broom mop storage by installing the broom holder wall mount unit on the inside of the utility door. For exceptionally shallow closets, it might actually be a smart choice to mount the broom and mop rack on the outside of the closet door. Your broom storage is contained while allowing the interior of the closet to be reserved for either just shelving with your pail and supplies or for your small canister vacuum and supplies on shelves above it. The broom and mop organizer is an essential hardscape to your cleaning tool storage with an utility closet.

      The second hardscape essential is shelving for all of the smaller implements and tools, as well as cleaning solutions or agents. Wire shelving that can be wall mounted on the interior back wall works great for this. Another alternative is to hang the shelving on the interior of the door. Another possibility is to use tiered or stackable shelving. Store your cleaning solutions, microfiber cleaning tools, sponges, and mitts in a compartmentalized pail with a handle to make transportation of your cleaning supplies ready to take to any room.

      Stairwell Cleaning & Utility Organization: Mop Storage & Broom Rack Organizer
      Many homes have the stairs to the basement off of the kitchen. Take advantage of this unused space for cleaning tool storage. One thing you don't want to do is pose a potential tripping hazard in a stairwell. However, by taking advantage of the storage capacity on the stairwell wall, you can keep your tools out of the way but within easy reach by hanging them on a broom hanging rack. Mop and broom hooks are not just a closet organizer tool. They make great broom closet organizers, but not all broom closets are an actual closet. Create a mop storage cabinet without the cabinet by installing a wall mounted mop & broom organizer. How many broom holders do you need? Broom hangers come equipped to hold one broom or multiple brooms. Pick the broom wall mount holder that is best for your needs. Some broom holders come with attached baskets to keep your smaller cleaning implements and cleaners close at hand. With wall mounted broom hangers, your broom & mop storage can be under control right behind your basement door, against the wall of your stairwell.