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Closet Storage Bins

Coordinating closet storage bins are a must-have for any well organized, stylish closet. Depending on your preference, we have matching closet storage baskets, closet storage containers, decorative closet storage boxes, and closet storage bins in several styles and sizes. Organize your clothes and accessories with basic plastic closet storage containers in all shapes and sizes, or create an upscale look with sophisticated leather and canvas closet storage.

Faux Leather Storage Bins Plastic Storage Boxes    

Do you dream of the perfectly organized closet? Many of us do - adding coordinating closet storage boxes can help you get there without a huge investment. You'll be amazed at the difference that a set of matching closet storage containers will make.

SpaceSavers offers several styles of closet storage boxes, depending on your preference. A cheap closet storage solution is to use plastic closet storage containers to store your clothes, blankets, sweaters, handbags, and anything else which might be strewn across your closet shelves. Clear storage boxes are stackable and let you see what's inside at a glance. Choose from options for plastic closet storage containers from IRIS, Sterilite, Rubbermaid, and other trusted brands. IRIS airtight storage bins are a great option for storing away winter clothes for months at a time, without having to worry about them getting musty. Both the IRIS Clear Stacks and Sterilite Latch Tote series include matching plastic storage containers in several sizes to create that cohesive, coordinated look in your closet.

When you're buying clothing storage boxes don't forget to consider how they will be used each season. Will you use the same boxes for seasonal storage? Will your winter clothes fit in the same size storage bin as your summer clothes or do you need to allow for more space? Will your closet storage bins and baskets be moved to and from an alternate storage location or will they always be visible in your closet? Can the be seen when the closet door is open? And does it matter to you that someone catching a glipse of your closet storage boxes sees a matching storage system?

Another option for storing away your clothes and accessories is leather closet storage or canvas closet storage. Canvas is a popular look for closets as most canvas closet storage boxes come in a pleasing, neutral color, and they can be paired with other canvas storage pieces such as canvas shoeboxes, canvas hanging accessory shelves, and canvas shoe pockets which can hang over your closet door. Leather closet storage bins are the ultimate statement of style, and will add a timeless touch of class to any closet. Our vendors offer leather storage box collections in various colors depending on the look you are trying to achieve.