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Wardrobes & Clothing Racks

When your current closet space doesn't quite meet your needs you may feel stuck for solutions that will store and protect your clothing and shoes.  We've gathered together a collection of wardrobe closets and clothes rack options that hold a significant quantity of clothing, offer easy access, and add those precious inches of storage space without looking out of place in your home. In the basement or garage you still probably want a covered garment rack, but you may wish to choose plastic or vinyl to protect clothes against moisture.
    A wardrobe closet can be a highly functional additional to your home whether you're using it for temporary storage or as a long term clothing storage solution. Clothing racks come in a wide variety of sizes and materials with many features. Some garment racks make more sense in one area of the home than others; for an attic wardrobe consider choosing canvas wardrobe storage so that your clothes are protected but can still breathe through temperature fluctuations. In the basement or garage you may still want to choose a covered garment rack, but you might need to choose a plastic or vinyl cover. A storage wardrobe can be a lifesaver during a home remodel when your closet is unavailable, and choosing a portable garment rack makes it easy to move the contents of your closet as necessary.

    Clothes rack with shelf: this selection of clothing racks generally include a top shelf for folded garments and accessories as well as a lower shelf for shoes or small containers. This type of clothes storage rack works well as a second closet or temporary guest closet. Use the clothes hanger rack for shirts, pants, skirts & dressers and store matching accessories above and below.

    Portable wardrobe: A portable closet is a great way to swap out seasonal clothing if you enjoy a large wardrobe. Clothes racks on wheels are outfitted with caster wheels that allow you to move them from room to room. Portable wardrobes are also great for long, skinny closets where it may be hard to reach the back - replace your closet rod with a portable closet rack and glide it in and out of the room as needed. Adding a portable storage closet to a guest room is also a great idea for long term guests to ensure they can hang their clothing during their stay.

    Folding clothes rack: If you only need a coat hanger stand or hanging garment rack occasionally, choose a style that folds flat for storage so you can hide it under a bed or in the back of an existing closet when not in use as a clothing wardrobe.

    Closet wardrobe to replace dressers: You can turn stand alone closets into space to store folding clothes too - add hanging closet shelves from the closet rod of your clothing rack and now you have a garment closet for t-shirts, jeans, kids clothes or other items you'd normally fold onto wooden shelves.

    Adjustable garment rack: Sometimes you need a clothes rack stand that allows you to change either the length or the height of the closet racks. Choose a metal clothes rack with hanging rods that extend to offer you several extra inches of hanging space or one with a clothes hanging bar whose height can be adjusted for short or full-length garments.

    Fabric wardrobes: covered garment racks allow you to protect clothes from dust and debris. A clothing rack cover is the best way to protect out of season clothing, fabric and canvas wardrobes allows air to circulate around the clothing which helps them last longer. Choose a fabric wardrobe that comes as a complete unit, or choose one that allows you to add clothes rack covers later if you're not sure you will utilize one. If you add a canvas cover for wardrobe you can often set up your wardrobe in plain sight without taking away from the style in your room.

    Plastic wardrobe: Clear vinyl wardrobes and clothes racks with plastic windows allow you to see what's inside their protective covers easily. These clothing racks are an excellent option for long term clothing storage and environments with less than ideal climate conditions like some garages, basements and attics.

    You might also want to consider using clothes raks for these less common storage solutions:

    - Costume Rack: whether it's a child's dress up closet or your collection of party costumes, a portable clothes rack makes a great costume rack. You'll also find that clothes storage on a wardrobe rack takes up less space than bins and dressers full of play clothes. Wrap a boa around the neck of the hanger that's holding a dress and the matching tights to maximize storage space and create themed clothing wardrobes for different play scenarios.

    - Commercial Garment Rack: if you work in an office where cubicles get messy with coats, consider adding a standing coat rack to give people better options and create a neater office space. A clothes rack with cover can help coats blend into the background if you're in a small space where the rack is visible or distracting.

    - Temporary Closet Rods: it may seem odd to put a clothing rack stand inside an existing closet, but if you need temporary rod storage in a walk-in closet or closet that isn't already equipped a closet bar, a garment rack doesn't require unnecessary construction and it can be re-used in the home later. If you choose a portable clothing rack you can also reposition it within the closet easily.

    - Clothing racks for sale items: use a hanging clothes rack to gather and organize clothing that you want to offer at your next yard sale or fundraiser. Stash a portable wardrobe closet in a corner of your garage and you're ready to wheel it out for the sale and back inside at night. Make things easier on yourself with multiple storage wardrobes that you buy or borrow and set the pricing for everything on the rack rather than stickering every garment. Mark the hangers with stickers to match the price you set on each of the garmet racks or use colored plastic hangers for easy identification.

    While shopping for wardrobe racks you'll find a wide variety of options - think of possible uses when choosing your clothes rack; metal for durability, covers for breathability and protection from dust, shelves for a full spectrum of clothes closet storage (cloth racks). Will you need wheels so that you have a mobile clothes rack, or does it need to fold away for storage? A storage closet for clothes makes a great investment in your home organizing plan.