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Coffee Tables


    The coffee table is the centerpiece of the living room. It provides essential functions and can either heighten the look of a room or it can detract from the style you were hoping to achieve. Selecting just the right coffee table for your space doesn’t have to be difficult, but it shouldn’t be picked without any thought at all. A coffee table has to be proportionate to the room you are placing it in and it needs to fulfill the functions you want from it. So, a couple of questions to ask yourself are outlined below as a guide to get you started and hopefully, narrow down your selections according to your needs and personal taste.

    1. How much space do you have for your coffee table?

    2. How much storage do you already have in your room and how much do you need?

    3. How much table top surface do you already have in your room and do you need a lot more or just a little?

    4. What is the general overall look you are hoping to achieve in the room? Modern? Edgy? Traditional? Eclectic? Feminine? Masculine? Vintage? Modern vintage?

    Sometimes, by just asking yourself these questions, it can become quickly and obviously clear what coffee table is a good fit for you and the space you are placing it in.

    If you have a small area of seating, with smaller furniture – in other words, no large couches or sectionals, but instead you have tastefully selected a loveseat and a couple of occasional chairs – you may want to avoid large coffee tables. It would be wise to avoid coffee tables that not only are large, but ones that appear to have a heftiness or weight to them. What would be better in order to give your room the appearance of more visual space is a coffee table that takes up less visual space. It’s almost as if you want to give your coffee table a slimmed down look. Since, you can’t put your coffee table on a diet it would be a good idea to get one that has a slimmer outline. A table with slender legs would work great. A table that has a lot of visual open space underneath would also be a great way to increase the space in and around it, giving the general overall appearance of more room. Avoid bulky legs with a lot of thickness to either the legs or to the table top surface.

    If you have substantial pieces of furniture, than you don’t want to go for the airy light looking coffee tables. They would just be overwhelmed by the larger appearance of the rest of your furniture. So, if you have a lot of seating space – a sectional or a couch and a loveseat with some recliners as well- it would be a good idea to have a coffee table that can match up the visual weight, so to speak, of all the other pieces of furniture in the room. Wide legs and shelving underneath that leaves little visual space might be a better choice for you and your room.

    Next, consider how much storage you need. Could you use the additional shelf underneath to store all the books and magazines that you want to leave out? Do you need the drawer space to house pens, pencils, and remotes? Can any of the other pieces of furniture or other storage options in the room fulfill these needs or is it the coffee table’s “function” to be the primary storage zone?

    What’s your look? Only you know your own personal décor or style that you are shooting for and so take a look around and decide what style fits your room and you the best. Consider the overall picture as you assemble your room together and as you select what coffee table to get for your living room.